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What Makes a Commercial Umbrella Different from a Residential Umbrella?

Although commercial and residential umbrellas may appear similar at first glance, several factors differentiate them. Commercial umbrellas are made with a thicker aluminum (commercial grade aluminum) and are larger umbrellas intended for outdoor settings. Read on to discover which Poggesi® USA umbrella is the best choice for your business.

How is a Commercial Umbrella Different from a Residential Umbrella?

If you’re deciding between a commercial and residential umbrella, you need to know the differences between the two. Although they serve the same purpose, you need to choose what’s best for your business. Here are the differences to help you out:

  • Material and Durability

If you have an outdoor restaurant or hotel, you need an umbrella with durable materials. Heavy-duty materials such as aluminum  is perfect for outdoor establishments. Commercial umbrellas are generally made from these materials. These umbrellas are designed to hold strong no matter the weather. They are therefore the ideal choice for outdoor venues.

Most residential umbrellas may not be ideal for outdoor establishments. They are made from lighter materials (such as plastic or wood). These materials won’t hold up as well as commercial umbrellas in harsher weather conditions.

  • Size and Functionality

Regardless of your establishment, your umbrella needs to be able to provide adequate coverage for clients and clients. When you choose a commercial umbrella, you will receive more coverage. Commercial umbrellas are designed to provide more shade for outdoor settings. They are a more functional choice to protect your guests from UV rays and bad weather conditions.

Unfortunately, residential umbrellas can be quite small. They provide basic coverage, which means you won’t be able to provide much coverage for your guests in a commercial setting. If you have a small patio or want an umbrella for your backyard, however, residential umbrellas are the ideal choice.

  • Design and Aesthetic Appeal

If you have a commercial establishment, you likely want the best umbrella designs to attract customers. Whether you have a hotel or restaurant, commercial umbrellas can provide the best curb appeal. Commercial umbrellas are often designed with aesthetics in mind as well. For instance, Poggesi® commercial umbrellas feature stylish designs and color options to match your brand and appeal to your customers.

In contrast, residential umbrellas may be more basic in design, focusing more on functionality than form.

  • Wind Resistance

The umbrella you choose for your business needs to withstand gusts of wind that could cause damage or even injury to customers and guests. Commercial umbrellas are typically designed with wind resistance in mind. For example, Poggesi® umbrellas offer high wind resistance, making them suitable for use even during the worst weather conditions.

Certain residential umbrellas may not be designed with wind resistance in mind and may be more likely to tip over or become damaged in strong winds. It’s always best to consult a professional when choosing a wind-resistant umbrella.

  • Water Resistance

Commercial umbrellas also need to withstand exposure to rain and other forms of water damage, such as spills. Commercial umbrellas are designed with water-resistant canopies and fabrics, while residential umbrellas may not always include this feature.

What Does a Commercial Umbrella Cover?

A commercial umbrella can cover a range of areas. You can purchase a commercial area for the following outdoor areas:

  • Outdoor dining areas, such as restaurants and bars
  • Hotel pool areas
  • Outdoor gym spaces
  • Concert or event venues
  • Tradeshows and promotional event spaces

How to Choose a Quality Commercial Umbrella

A commercial umbrella can be expensive but it is a worthwhile investment. You need to choose the best umbrella that is best for your venue. It needs to provide adequate coverage but also suit your brand. Consider the type of fabric or frame that you want. Also, ensure you are choosing the best colors to match your business premises. Always choose umbrellas designed by a reputable manufacturer that uses quality material. Check their company reviews or visit their showroom to view the umbrellas in person. Consult an expert if you are not sure about which umbrella to choose.

About Poggesi Umbrellas

Poggesi® USA is a leading provider of high-quality commercial umbrellas for businesses and organizations of all types. Commercial umbrellas are designed to be functional and stylish while providing maximum protection and coverage for your customers and guests. With a wide range of sizes and designs, Poggesi® is the only commercial umbrella manufacturer you will need.

Contact Poggesi® to find out more about commercial umbrellas for your business.