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Unexpected Benefits of Outdoor Umbrellas

Outdoor Umbrellas

Do you have a large outdoor umbrella? If you don’t, you may not know what you’re missing. Here are ten benefits of large outdoor umbrellas. Some of them may surprise you.

Sun Umbrellas Healthy Skin Your Health. Have you ever wondered how much sun is too much? Well, it’s a pretty small amount, according to the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care. If you’re fair-skinned, five to ten minutes is more than enough. A large outdoor umbrella can protect you from the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun. Privacy. An umbrella will give you all kinds of privacy, and not just from neighbors looking down on your outside space. With cantilevered umbrellas that have an articulating arm, you can actually face the umbrella to whichever direction you want to block. umbrella outside patio Use for All Seasons. Having an umbrella on your patio or deck in the summer is one thing, but you can use the umbrella all year round. Imagine sitting outside sipping a warm drink in the winter and photographing a sunset—while it’s snowing. A large outdoor umbrella will allow you to use your outside space during any season. Temperature. Having shade in the summer doesn’t create a spot that’s actually cooler. However, it feels cooler in the shade because the umbrella is blocking the UV rays. In fact, it can feel ten degrees cooler under the umbrella. If you live in an area that is very hot and sunny in the summer, and umbrella will make a huge difference in your outside comfort. Pets. Even if you aren’t too concerned about your own comfort, then think of the comfort of your pets. Pets will find a large spot to cool off if you have a large outdoor umbrella. Your pets feel the heat of the sun, too, and there’s a limit to how much they can take, unless you have pet reptiles. Too much sun is particularly harmful to dog breeds with a flat face, like bulldogs. Protect Your Devices. Do you like to work outside? Then you know that you can’t let your laptop get too hot. Or your phone. Or your tablet. An umbrella will allow you to do whatever you want to do with your computer devices without anything overheating. best patio umbrella Protect Your Furniture. That same sunshine that makes you feel good and gives you vitamin D will destroy your outdoor furniture over time. Tables and cushions will fade and dry out. An outdoor umbrella will help your furniture to last longer by protecting it from the sun. Décor. The fact is, your deck or patio will look better with an umbrella. Having an outside space without umbrellas is like having a room without anything on the walls. Also, since we have umbrellas in all shapes, sizes, and colors, you can really spruce up your outdoor space. Good umbrellas look classy and add a furniture element that has height. Large Patio Umbrella Luxury Design. Using an umbrella will help define the space outside. The umbrella will be pleasing to the eye and make it obvious that here is our eating space, for example. Structural Benefits. Last but not least, there are the structural benefits of having an umbrella. You can hang small battery-operated lights to brighten up your area or decorate the umbrella for Christmas. You could even hang a small bird feeder from your umbrella to give the birds some protection from the weather.

Considering an umbrella for your home? We manufacture outdoor umbrellas in all shapes, sizes, and colors, for commercial and residential spaces, and we would love to hear from you. If you’re not sure what you need, or you want more information, please contact us today to see our showroom at (888) POGGESI or request a quote.