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Umbrellas Maintenance Tips – Should You Cover It When It’s Closed?

Umbrellas maintenance tips
A high-quality patio umbrella will serve for many years, provided you take good care of it. The following umbrella maintenance tips will help you to keep your outdoor umbrellas in excellent condition. In particular, we address questions about when to close your umbrellas and why, and whether you need to keep them covered when not in use.

Taking care of your outdoor umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas are designed to withstand the elements, but there are limits to what they can stand. Patio umbrellas are primarily intended to shade you and your guests or patrons from the heat of the sun. When the weather turns, bringing rain and heavy winds, your umbrellas can sustain serious damage. Powerful winds can also knock them over, causing damage to other property. Aside from following a regular cleaning routine, you should also take a careful, systematic approach to storing and maintaining your umbrellas when it is not in use. Taking care of your outdoor umbrella

Close your patio umbrella when it’s not in use

Because of the risks of bad weather, it is best to close your umbrella into the deadlock position when you are not using it. If you operate a restaurant with an outdoor eating area or pool deck, close the umbrellas at the end of your business day. You might even want to remove the umbrellas from the seating area and store them indoors until the following day.  Ideally, umbrellas should be covered when closed for a longer period of time. Many businesses choose to close them at night and re-open them in the morning.  In those cases, there is no need to use the cover.

Cover up the canopy

Closing your umbrellas is sometimes not enough. To be extra safe, it is a good idea to cover them when not using them. Some may think that lowering the canopy to the deadlock position is enough, but a cover provides extra protection against wind and rain. It helps to protect the fabric from the sun, thus extending the life of your umbrella’s canopy.

Store during inclement weather

Even better than simply covering your umbrellas is removing them and storing them indoors, especially when you know there’s a storm on the way. Follow this procedure when storing your umbrellas: first clean it carefully, then close it to the deadlock position – in this position, the arms are set tightly against the pole. Next, place the cover on the umbrella, remove it from its stand and place it – either on the floor, or upright against a wall – in a dry storage area. In conclusion, you will get the most from your umbrellas by keeping them closed and covered when not in use. For patio umbrellas, look no further than Poggesi. We have been a leader in the shading industry since 1964. Our umbrellas are crafted in Italy by engineers and designers who are well trained in the proud Poggesi tradition. Choose from our standard collection or let us custom-make your umbrellas. We will also give you all the umbrella maintenance and care advice you will need to get the most out of your umbrellas for a long time to come. Contact us for more information.