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Choosing the Right Outdoor Umbrella

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There are many factors to consider when buying an outdoor umbrella – the home, environment, needs and budget are some. Modern architecture incorporates a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor spaces, and the patio should be cohesive with the areas to which it is adjacent. It is important to have sufficient shade when that hot summer sun beats down on you and your guests.  Patio umbrellas are a great solution, as opposed to more permanent constructions. 

Consider Mobile Shade

Many people opt for mobile shade instead of a more permanent roof fixture or canopy. The advantage of mobile shade is that it does not block out the sun when you don’t want it to. In the earlier and later parts of the day, you will probably want the sun on you; it is just that extremely warm part of the day when you want to be out of the sun’s harmful UV rays and glare. Mobile shade in the form of a freestanding umbrella is ideal for large yards. With table umbrellas, you need a perfectly level surface but not with freestanding ones. They can be set up on grass or on your patio surface equally easily. Additionally convenient is that they typically use a screw-in system so you won’t need tools. Choosing the right fabric is important too. Sunbrella fabric is an excellent choice as it is durable and a good inhibitor or UV rays. In terms of the frame, materials all have pros and cons. Aluminum is an inexpensive alloy; it is lightweight and durable as well as malleable and strong. It comes in a wide variety of finishes to coordinate perfectly with your other furniture pieces. Aluminum can withstand high winds, and other harsh weather conditions. Wood is classically beautiful but will require regular maintenance.

Get a Patio Umbrella That is Larger Than Your Sitting Area

When buying a patio umbrella, make sure you get one that is a few feet larger than your table or seating area. People often make the mistake of buying an umbrella that is the same size as the table – ensuring that your guests will be uncomfortable while your food remains in the shade.  A standard size home patio umbrella is nine feet in diameter; this is ideal for tables that have a diameter of six or seven feet. Naturally, if your table is bigger, look for a bigger umbrella. Remember that large patio umbrellas may overpower your space and ruin the look of the space. Take the environment’s physical constraints, such as overhanging branches or walls, into consideration too.

Use a Tilting Umbrella for Rotating Shade

Because the earth is moving, your shade needs to do the same. The solution is a rotating and tilting cantilever umbrella. These actions are available on high-quality tilting umbrellas and are easy to initiate using a crank or lever and tilt-adjust pin for effortless shade all day long. You have invested a lot of time and effort to create the perfect outdoor space; ensure that you can enjoy it with products that are easy to use.  A cantilevered outdoor umbrella enables you to optimize your space by having the pole or mast on the outer edge of the space, allowing for flow of movement and conversation. A cantilever umbrella is also a great choice for wind-resistance. Because it is suspended by a support rod placed to one side rather than in the center of the canopy, the design aids strength, stability, safety, and versatility. On a sunny day, it can be tilted to protect you from sunshine, no matter which direction the sun is in relation to you. Consider all the options for the perfect outdoor umbrella. Contact Poggesi for more information.