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The Poggesi Jok Umbrella: Everything You Need To Know

Poggesi USA Collections Jok Collection
Maybe you have no idea what the Jok Collection at Poggesi can offer you and your guests. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve combined some of the features of our most popular large- and small-scale umbrellas to give you the Jok model. We think you’ll see potential here. As you read everything you need to know about this patio, deck, and poolside-perfect umbrella, know that we’re in the business of customizing. If you’re envisioning something, we’d love to chat with you about it as soon as you’re ready. We’ll hear you out, talk about possibilities, consult you, and direct you. We’re always here to answer questions about your space and your needs.

The Style You’ve Been Looking For

Customers who enjoy our Poggesi Jok umbrella are often the ones seeking a smaller option, complete with a center pole. These versatile models are operated with ease and are ideal when non-removable furniture rests beneath. The Jok Collection is usually the best investment if you’re working with intimate, single settings or small groupings of tables and chairs with sizes ranging from 10’x10′ to a 15’x15′. If you’re making plans for a hotel poolside evening venue, private or commercial patios, or scaled-back, warm clusters of sofas or tables, then you’re probably in the market for several Jok models. These bright, airy beauties call to tourists and locals alike. Who can resist fresh appetizers and craft cocktails in the shade, all while relaxing amid the hustle and bustle of the city or life itself?

Is the Jok Model Perfect for You & Your Guests?

Sometimes, the center pole puts customers off initially. What you should understand, though, is that some of our models are so beautifully expansive; the center pole doesn’t have to jut out and through a table. We say, the Jok center pole doesn’t have to be the center of the setting. (See the Jok models below.) These models may stretch over two (or more) tables, or different types of furniture may be positioned beneath. The center pole provides maximum sturdiness, which is certainly appealing in a tropical environment that frequently experiences ocean breezes. It’s also great for establishing many clusters of space, affording your guests more privacy as they select a dining or relaxation option for their family and/or friends. Extending that warm, close-knit opportunity and even a little seclusion can be quite inviting.

Fabric, Colors & Customization

Jok Poggesi Large Commercial Umbrella Ready to make a statement? You can’t speak more loudly or more clearly than with Poggesi. The Jok Collection offers a variety of both classic and vibrant color options, as well as different color selections for the umbrella structure (aluminum) itself. The Sunbrella marine grade acrylic fabric comes with a 10-year warranty, and Poggesi stands by its double stitching method, ensuring attention to detail and durability. We believe in handcrafted elegance. At Poggesi, we even possess the ability to combine fabrics, binding, and contrast stitching. You might even opt for valances. Custom silk screen printing for your canopy is available upon request. All in all, we cater to our customers’ needs. If you can dream it, we can make it. Your complete satisfaction is our mission. We want you to feel a deep sense of pride as you begin each day, as you open up the wings of the Jok models and transport your guests to tranquil spaces and magical places.

Quality Features You’ll Appreciate

If you’re interested in the specifications, we’ve got the rundown for you. The Jok model’s main shaft is 2.36” diameter with powder-coated aluminum throughout, 0.08” thick. Further, the telescopic system, of course, prevents the need for furniture removal when you’re smoothly opening and closing your umbrellas. To boot, the Jok boasts 360° rotation. In the Jok Collection, you’ll find sizes ranging from 10×10’ all the way up to 15×15’. You’ll also be able to choose your own base options as well.

Simplicity & Safety

To arrive at the Jok umbrella, we took a look at the larger scale center-pole models, our Magnum and Dehor Collections. Then, we adopted the simplicity of our Party model. The Jok functions smoothly and efficiently with its traditional rope and double pulley system. The opening/closing mechanism works without fail as one fixed crown and two movable ones ensure that the umbrella’s ribs do not jam and/or touch (scrape or damage) the furniture below the canopy. As for safety, the Sunbrella fabric has been approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and the umbrella itself stands tall, heavy, and durable. A gust of wind or torrential rain isn’t going to topple the Jok model, which weighs in at nearly 45 pounds. Consider those cheaper options out there. They’re flimsy and unreliable. Our residential and commercial patio umbrellas are supposed to protect, not harm. When you purchase with Poggesi, you should see yourself making an investment in the safety of your guests and/or employees.

The Poggesi Difference

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas Poggesi, with their fine Italian-crafted residential and commercial umbrellas, stands as the leader in the industry, offering top-of-the-line outdoor furnishings. We’ll also tell you how to clean and maintain your investment, an element we pride ourselves in. Too many companies out there don’t offer such information because they don’t have the answers, but with us, you’ll understand how to keep your umbrellas in the best shape possible. Poggesi uses the mountains of Italy as inspiration, adhering to clean lines, vivid colors, and sleek design. We’re always up-to-date on safety features and the latest technology. We make innovation a part of all we do.

Contact Poggesi Today

Contact a Poggesi Concierge today with your ideas and hopes for the future. Our experienced staff has handled so many unique circumstances when it comes to both residential and commercial umbrella setups. We know how to listen and assist. We’d love to hear about your space and brainstorm alongside you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the umbrella options on the market, turn to the experts. Reach out now! We can help you with exactly what you need, a quote, customized specs, and any questions you have. Get ready to take your outdoor space to the next level. We’re bringing you shade, beauty, and unforgettable flair. So, whether you find yourself with beachfront decks, lakeside docks, mountain verandas, or city corner patios, we’re in the business of making those dreamy, memorable spaces possible!