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The best guide to outdoor umbrella ideas for your balcony

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas can be an excellent addition to enhance the aesthetics of your patio and balcony. It is important to consider several factors while choosing the right outdoor umbrella to suit your needs. Poggesi provides an outline of these factors to help you decide.

What size umbrella should I shop for?

Choosing the right size of your outdoor umbrella can depend on several factors such as the space available, your budget, the look and feel of your balcony and more. Choosing an oversized umbrella can throw the entire aesthetic out of balance and waste precious space. Typically, an outdoor umbrella should extend by about 2 feet over the patio or dining table. Another rule of thumb to follow is that the umbrella should have a diameter of 5 feet bigger than the area it needs to provide shade too.

What type of umbrella material should I stop for?

The fabric of the umbrella and canopy is as important as the fabric of your furniture. Poggesi gives you a rundown on the most common types of canopy fabric:


Acrylic is durable, colorfast and one of the most popular fabrics for outdoor use such as cushions, pillows, and draperies. Poggesi recommends using this as your go-to fabric material for all your canopies and umbrellas.

What features should I look for in an umbrella?

Apart from the canopy fabric and size, other features to look out for in a patio umbrella include:

Umbrella pole

The different types of poles for outdoor umbrellas are center, off-set or cantilever or wall mounted. The materials utilized for the umbrella pole include wood, aluminum, and steel. It is also essential to consider the diameter or thickness of the pole for higher level of sturdiness and durability. 

Umbrella lift types


To open this umbrella, you must hold its collar (this is where the ribs of the canopy meet at the center pole), push it up and lock it with a pin.


This is usually found at the center of the umbrella pole. The umbrella opens once the crank is turned.


The pulley system consists of a rope or integrated cord which when pulled expands and opens the umbrella. This can be held in place with a pin.

Umbrella tilt types

Push button

This button is situated at the top of the pole and when it is pushed, it allows you to tilt the entire structure, according to the intensity of the sun.

Crank or auto

The same crank that is used to open the umbrella is also used to pivot the shade.


When the ring or collar is twisted clockwise, the umbrella tilts.

What accessories should I purchase for my umbrella?

Accessories for the outdoor umbrella for your balcony add personality and character to your outdoor living space. The most popular accessories are:

Umbrella lights

You can buy an umbrella with integrated lights or buy them separately to upgrade your structure. These add a romantic and dreamy feel to the entire space.

Umbrella covers

Umbrella covers are great when you need to store your outdoor umbrella. They are waterproof, breathable and protect your umbrella during the months when you do not need to use it.

Contact Poggesi, leaders in outdoor shade structures, to choose the perfect outdoor umbrella for your balcony or patio today!