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The Benefits of a Cantilever Umbrella

Cantilever umbrellas are designed to serve the same purpose as other patio umbrellas. They provide relaxing shade, protection from harsh UV rays and rain showers, but they do so in a unique way and provide many other benefits. A cantilever umbrella is designed with a stable offset base that allows you to make efficient use of the space you have, keeping the pole out of the way and allowing you to shade a large area with an unobstructed view. They can be mounted outside a deck or balcony rail in order to provide shade on it, without taking up any floor space on the deck or balcony. Cantilever umbrellas can be also be placed on the edge of a pool, seating or dining area, rooftop patio or garden area, and then simply adjusted for comfort. These versatile umbrellas can be raised or lowered and tilted to permit movement from left to right, forward and backward or even a full 360-degree rotation, letting you change the angle of your umbrella to help keep you protected at all times. In fact, you can manage umbrella settings even if people are already seated, and can easily close the umbrella without leaning under it. However, many people also choose this style for visual appeal, for their home or for business purposes. Cantilever umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, colors and features and are available in many different shapes to suit your needs and taste, including square, rectangular, octagonal or round. With their unique design, these umbrellas allow you to change your patio layout easily, set up quickly and simply, and provide elegant protection from the weather, year after year. When you’re shopping for a cantilever umbrella, you’ll want to approach your investment with considerations about its quality, durability, ability to withstand weather, and ease of maintenance. High-quality commercial grade Poggesi cantilever umbrellas are a great choice for your outdoor umbrellas for just these reasons. With a Poggesi cantilever umbrella, there is very little maintenance required aside from periodic cleaning as they are made with marine-grade canopies that resist mold and mildew, and frames and bases made with aluminum that are rust-resistant. Let us show you why we are the leaders in “The Art of Creating Shade.” For more information about the many options to design and customize our simply stylish cantilever umbrellas for your home or business, please contact us.