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Square vs. Round Patio Umbrellas – Which is the Right Option for You?

Patio umbrellas are meant to cover. They protect you from the rain and sun. They are a patio lover’s best friend and a poolside partner. There are many styles to choose from and tonnes of patterns. When it’s time to go shopping for one it’s only then that you realize there’s a choice to make. Do I need a round one or a square one? Let’s break it down to see which one is best for you. There are several things to consider. Are you setting it up over a table or does it provide shade for a lounge chair? Do you have limited space on your deck or lots of room around the pool? Most often the shape of the umbrella will match the shape of the patio you want shaded.

Round Umbrellas

These umbrellas are actually not round at all. Because of the structural design, they are usually hexagonal (6 sides) or octagonal (8 sides) but are still referred to as round. They are perfect for covering a round table and are a nice aesthetic on larger patios. They give off that beachy look and beg to be twisted in the wind. 

Square Umbrellas 

As the title says, this type of umbrella is a 4 sided square or rectangle. These outdoor umbrellas are ideal for square or long tables as they will shade them perfectly. A square shape also works well for 2 chaise lounge chairs around the pool deck. They look great and have a more professional feel. They are also used more often in a commercial setting. Ultimately, the shape of your commercial and residential umbrellas come down to the area you want to shade, space, and the preferred look. Make sure you try to buy a size that covers 5 feet larger than the area you want to cover, considering the relative sun position. Other than that, pick what makes sense to you. The experts at Poggesi USA can help you with all your outdoor patio umbrella decisions. Call today to find out more.