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All the Types of Shade Structures Explained

Any building or space where people congregate must have a comfortable outdoor space; and shade structures are an integral element. Every outdoor space should have some sort of shade structure to protect people from heat and the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Shade structures can enhance spaces to protect from wind, rain, snow, and even noise. But a shade structure need not only be practical, but it can also be beautiful at the same time.  The first shade decision you will need to make is whether a permanent structure or something that is freestanding and mobile would suit your space better. A good shade structure must enable people to enjoy the outdoor area in any weather conditions. It should have the ability to resist strong wind and precipitation; it should function as a barrier against dust and falling vegetation; it should assist with dampening noise so that a patio party need not keep the neighbors awake; and very importantly, it should provide UV protection. What should we look for when we choose shade structures for our outdoor spaces? Read on for Poggesi’s recommendations on what type of shade solution you should be looking at.


Gazebos (sometimes called cabanas) are free-standing structures which provide shade and protection for an outdoor area. Gazebos look wonderful poolside, in the garden and even on the beach. Gazebos can be customized and made very private with drapes or curtains. Beach clubs, country clubs, swimming pools, and hotels love gazebos for their guests. They are made of durable fabric – generally canvas or vinyl. The fabric is attached to a metal cover and support poles. A Poggesi gazebo can be customized to fit any space and will add style and great functionality to any outdoor area. The gazebo is very effective in providing heat protection. When the temperature starts to dip, the gazebo provides a cozy space that allows you to enjoy your outdoor entertaining and relaxation that much longer. While the gazebo protects you and your guests from the sun’s UV rays and rain, it also adds value to your property.


Umbrellas are a great choice if you are looking for flexibility and mobility. The great thing about an umbrella is the huge variety that is available. For starters, your umbrella can be completely movable; you can pack it away at night if you want to or it can be installed as a fixed structure with a footer. Some are fitted into an easily transported rolling base. The fabric is customizable and can be matched to your unique look and feel of the outdoor area you wish to shade. Choose a fabric that has built-in UV protection to add to the umbrella’s functionality. In terms of shape, you can choose from square, rectangular, triangular, octagonal, and hexagonal options. A range of colors and modern and classical styles is available with added aspects of design like valances, wind vents, choice of finish and even custom printing available. The center post can operate by cantilever, dual cantilever or center post. Cantilever shade with a tilt option allows you to move the umbrella to follow the sun as the day progresses – giving you all-day shade and protection from the sun.

Shade Sails

All the Types of Shade Structures Explained Shade sails provide a modern and functional shade solution for any area that requires shading while simultaneously offering an impressive design element. Custom permeable tension sails are durable and easy to clean. When stormy weather approaches, they can easily be removed. Shade sails are able to filter out as much as 95% of UV rays and can reduce the radiant heat of a specific area by as much as 15 degrees – giving you the ability to use the space for more months of the year.  When it comes to exterior shading devices for domestic shading, you should consult with market leaders Poggesi to find your ideal option. Contact us to discuss the ideal shade structures for your needs.