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Poggesi ONE Collection: All the Umbrella Details That Matter

Poggesi USA Umbrellas One Collection
If you haven’t heard of Poggesi’s ONE Collection yet, then you’re in for a treat when it comes to residential and commercial cantilever umbrellas. We claim that ONE is the fruit of our labors in both technological experimentation and design. So many of our customers have loved this canopy (and come back for more), so we’re excited to give you all the details. While you peruse the specs and imagine yourself under this elegant umbrella, remember that we can customize your purchases to suit your every need (and even every whim). If you’ve got your heart set on something in particular, please understand that we want to hear about it. We enjoy listening to your visions, and the Poggesi staff is certainly experienced in design. We know our products, how they work, and if they seem to be the fit for you. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

The Ultimate Charm & Flair You Need

poggesi one collection sugar factory The customers who appreciate the Poggesi ONE umbrellas are likely the ones searching for that mid-size model, tucked right between our larger King and smaller Summer Collections. The ONE cantilevers are versatile and easy to operate, and they’re especially great if non-removable, strictly regulated furniture is anchored underneath. These umbrellas are ideal for restaurant patios, vineyard terraces, outdoor brewery and picnic spaces, food truck venues, residential decks and more! Whether you’re planning for an intimate table setting or lounge furniture for multiple guests, the ONE model could be exactly what you need. They seem to defy gravity as they float above the romance and laughter below. Locals and tourists alike will feel welcome. Picture people sipping martinis or the first wines of the season, nibbling on tartlets and olives as the sun sinks and the evening comes on. They’re sure to stay for another round and dessert if they’re comfortable in the shade and overhead protection of our ONE cantilever collection. Here’s the ambiance you’ve been looking for.

Is the ONE Model Perfect for You & Your Guests?

Poggesi one collection commercial umbrellas If you’re a lover of clean lines and you understand that your guests prefer the room to move and breathe effortlessly underneath their designated canopy, then the ONE model makes sense for you. With the cantilever style, you’re getting the “side-arm” umbrella. There’s no center pole to dodge. If beautiful ocean waves or mountain grandeur stretches before you, an unobstructed view is, of course, the best option. The base is heavy, so you won’t have to worry about the model toppling. It’s sturdy and designed with safety in mind. This makes it a great selection for venues experiencing tropical gusts, mountain breezes, or serene countrysides with frequent, passing showers. The ONE cantilever may unfurl over a single table and chairs, an outdoor mini bar, or a cozy sofa or loveseat. It’s flexible when it comes to the furniture underneath and also when tilting, rotating, or moving the structure for maximum protection and comfort.

Fabric, Colors & Customization

Interested in making a bold proclamation or a subtle, elegant whisper? You can achieve anything with the One Collection. Poggesi offers a myriad of color options: you’ll find that the ONE models may be ordered in subdued, classic tones as well as stunning, bright ones. The structure itself (aluminum) even comes in marine-grade acrylic fabric. It’s high-end and boasts a 10-year warranty. Our double stitching method is a fine detail that shows we’re all about going the extra mile in the realms of strength and durability. Your umbrellas aren’t minor accents on the premises. Umbrellas are large, and they’re often the first things we notice when we approach an area. With us, it’s all handcrafted, which means we can customize and make your dreams come true. These works of art mean a lot to us, and we want you to love them. We have the ability to combine different fabrics, specific bindings, and contrast stitching – if any of that appeals to you. If you need valances, we can help with that, too.

Fantastic Features You’ll Appreciate

As for specifications, let’s give you the details that matter (as promised). The ONE model’s main shaft is 4.09” x 3.70” with powder-coated aluminum throughout, 0.12” thick. Further, the single endless screw mechanism (patented technology) is controlled by a crank, affording smooth, easy opening and closing. What’s more, the ONE design includes 360° rotation and a tilting capability with a lock-in feature. Finally, the top raised vent makes for a sleek design component and natural air flow.

Designed with Simplicity & Safety in Mind

Opening and closing have really never been so simple. No longer will employees stay late into the evening as they wrestle with massive structures that won’t cooperate. They won’t grow frustrated or forcefully pull anything. With an easy turn of the crank, the ONE cantilever umbrella shifts position. Best of all, any non-removable furniture or perfect setups need not be disturbed. As the umbrella closes, it lifts itself, so as not to scratch or damage the items beneath. As it opens, the canopy lowers itself, creating a close-knit, warm atmosphere. We want you to know that safety is our main priority. While we often hear our umbrellas praised for their beauty and quality, we take pride in protecting our customers and their guests and/or family and friends. Our chosen Sunbrella fabric carries a seal of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation, and the structure itself is built to stand. And when we say stand, we mean a summer thunderstorm or even gusty conditions won’t uproot the ONE model, weighing in at just under 80 pounds. If you’re leaning toward a cheaper option, keep the Poggesi functionality, safety standards, and warranty in mind. Our products are sturdy and reliable. Umbrellas of all kinds should be designed to protect you from the elements of the great outdoors. Consider your purchase with us as a long-term investment in keeping your guests and employees out of harm’s way.

The Poggesi Difference

We are the leaders in this industry, and we don’t mind saying so ourselves. We offer fine Italian-crafted residential and commercial umbrellas to the market. We’re not for everyone, but if you’re seeking classy and high-end, we’d just about bet you’ll find what you’re looking for in a partnership with us. We’ll help you find what you need, and we’ll share with you how to best take care of and maintain your gorgeous, functional new investment. We’re inspired by our home country of Tuscany and its mountainous terrain. We design with security, clean lines, vibrant colors, smooth functionality, and undeniable elegance at the forefront. We’re innovators, and we’re passionate about our craftsmanship. The details matter. Above all, your pure satisfaction and enjoyment matters. Contact us today!