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The top 3 things to consider before buying a patio umbrella

The top 3 things to consider before buying a patio umbrella
Are you buying a patio umbrella for your home but have not made the final decision on which one you want? There is such a variety of outdoor umbrellas making a choice can either be daunting or a pleasure.  What is the architectural style of your house, and what are your interior design preferences? Do you like bright colors, or are classical colors more to your taste? Do you need a few outdoor patio umbrellas because you enjoy entertaining, or is the purpose of buying a patio umbrella to create an intimate space for two on the bedroom patio?   We share the top three things to consider before buying a patio umbrella.   

What style of outdoor umbrella is right? 

Poggesi has a range of outdoor umbrella styles to choose from. It includes Dehor, one of the bigger outdoor umbrellas that use a telescopic center pole. If you have a large patio space with lots of tables and chairs, it is a good style to consider. You can even have side walls fitted for outdoor evening entertainment that require additional protection.    If you need an outdoor umbrella for the bedroom patio but want something with a more intimate feel, one of the smaller patio umbrellas in the range might be just right for you. Party and Bay are both light, center pole umbrellas. Bay has the classical umbrella shape, and both open and close with an old-style rope and pulley system.    Summer or Baby King are great choices if a cantilever patio umbrella is your preference. Cantilever umbrellas are ideal if you have couches and side tables on your patio. Because the poles are to the side, the space beneath the umbrella canopy allows people to move around more easily. The canopies of both Summer and Baby King can rotate, with the tilt-feature additional to Baby King.  What style of outdoor umbrella is right 

What pole or frame material should I use?  

Your design preferences and environment guide the choice of pole and frame material. The material and color chosen should harmonize with the interior and exterior design of your home and if you live by the ocean, corrosion-resistant material is a must. Umbrella poles and umbrella frames are available in stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass or wood. Wooden poles and frames would be heavier than aluminum but have a warm visual feel. Stainless steel is a strong, heavy material and convenient if you live in a windy area, but difficult to move around with ease. Fiberglass, although light, does not give an impression of quality.  Poggesi uses powder-coated aluminum for our poles and frames, with stainless steel nuts, bolts and screws. The aluminum material is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. We also offer seven colors to choose from for the umbrella structure, including cream, black, forest green and graphite.     What pole or frame material should I use  

What size & shape outdoor umbrella is right?  

Choosing the right size and shape of the outdoor umbrella is next. You want an umbrella size that provides enough coverage but does not overwhelm the patio space. And the shape must compliment the design style of your house.   Poggesi outdoor umbrellas are available in square, rectangle and round-shaped canopies, but customized shapes can be manufactured. An extensive size range is also on offer and includes the following.  
Style Shape Open canopy diameter Open canopy height Open pole height
Dehor (center pole) Square 236” x 236” 96” 133”
Summer (cantilever pole) Rectangular 157” x 157” 84” 108”
Bay (center pole) Octagonal 137” 90” 107”
  The canopy fabric used by Poggesi is made by Sunbrella®, with more than eighty fabric colors to choose from. If you wonder what a Poggesi umbrella in various shapes and colors will look like, try the builder on the website. All Poggesi umbrellas are designed to close without the removal of furniture pre-closure. Poggesi is based in Miami, Florida. We provide outdoor commercial and residential umbrellas that can be customized for your specific needs. Poggesi also offers outdoor furniture and cushions with durability, style and elegant colors. Are you buying a patio umbrella? Contact Poggesi today.