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Patio Design Ideas to Make Your Patio Summer Ready (Without Being a Designer)

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Looking for patio design ideas? You don’t have to be an expert outdoor designer to make your patio the envy of all your neighbors, friends, and family. Give your outside space a summertime facelift by following our how-to guide below. These steps are rather simple, but they go a long way in creating a communal area that’s refreshing, relaxing, and memorable.


pasted image 0 21 Source: Style at Home Our first step isn’t the most popular task, but it’s necessary for preparing your patio for summer get-togethers. Consider scrubbing and/or wiping all furniture, washing cushions and curtains, sweeping and hosing off wooden or stone decks, as well as dusting fans and accessories. Weed the grounds, clip back any invasive vines, and mow the surrounding lawn. All of these chores will give you the clean slate you’re looking for.


pasted image 0 24 Source: How to Decorate If you want to surprise and delight your returning guests this summer, then a simple rearrangement of your patio furniture might be in order. Sketch plans for another setup, and talk things over with a friend. It’s great to have a different opinion as you move items about. It’s also terrific to have some physical help as you make the changes. Shifting lounge, dining, bar, and game areas can really lead to an immediately noticeable new design.


pasted image 0 25 Source: Domino Add a new seating option(s) to your outdoor space. You might choose cushions, a hammock, swings, or a firepit with camping chairs or Adirondacks surrounding it. If you only have a dining area, think about installing a comfy lounge or maybe even a tiki bar with stools. Your patio will feel exciting with all of the seating options. Host large parties, and trust that everyone will have fun visiting all of your little nooks and stations of relaxation. Can we count a new hot tub as patio “seating?” Sure we can!


pasted image 0 22 Source: Pinterest Don’t fear the element of color. Often, we’re tempted to keep things rather neutral. But it’s summer! Add colorful pillows or cushions to the patio mix. Purchase a vibrant rug and bright accessories that let your guests know that this is a place to have fun, laugh, and celebrate the best season of the year. You can stick with different shades of a single color or go absolutely wild. The point is that you give your patio a little more personality.


pasted image 0 20 Source: World of Succulents Placing plants throughout your outdoor space is a fantastic way of adding color and comfort. Unique plants are often conversations starters, and healthy flowers or greenery always make people feel like they’re gathering in a lush and luxurious oasis. Don’t write off the garden element simply because you think you don’t have a green thumb. There are low maintenance plants out there for you, so do your research. Blooms and leaves are timeless, and they never disappoint!


pasted image 0 23 Source: Pinterest As that summer sun sinks behind the treeline, you’re going to want to light up your patio. Wow, your family and friends with a dazzling display of lanterns, candles, string lights, solar-powered pieces, and more. Visit your local home improvement store or shop online for lighting options that will make your guests feel like they’re under nearby stars. Ambiance matters and this is a surefire way to lock that in that nighttime magic.


best patio umbrella Don’t forget to accessorize! We suggest a Poggesi residential patio umbrella (or two). These are amazing for providing shade in all that late afternoon summer sunshine and for protecting guests from stray summer showers. And honestly, nothing pulls an outdoor living space together like an Italian-crafted Poggesi umbrella. Everyone feels safe and cozy under these canopies! Contact a Poggesi Concierge today to find a patio umbrella perfect for you. This is an element of design you certainly can’t miss. Happy summer to you and yours (and to your improved patio, of course)!