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This Simple Outdoor Dining Design Guide Will Help You Create the Perfect Dining Area

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Join us today for an outdoor dining design guide to create the perfect patio dining area! We’ll look at a simple route you can take toward the best work-related dinners, holiday parties, and relaxed family gatherings. We guarantee that this step-by-step outdoor dining room process will get you started and help you land the perfect place for family, friends, food, and fun. Expand your living space today! People love connecting outdoors, especially after long weeks in enclosed, stuffy offices. Put your designing pants on! We’re looking to cater to everyone here. Whether you have a cozy balcony or a mega-yard and patio, welcome. We hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration and guidance.

Get to Know Your Space

pasted image 0 56 Source: Refinery29 First things first: measure your area. Determine how much space you’ll be working with and plan accordingly. Some dining dreams may not be possible with the space available to you. Sure, you may want the long family table, hot tub tiki bar, and poolside lounge. We love that idea, but your patio and yard may only allow for a bar cart, a small picnic table, and a few large plants. Remember: you don’t need a lot of room to have a lot of fun. On the other hand, if you do have a huge space, you may feel overwhelmed. But remain positive and enjoy designing whatever square footage you have!

Understand Your Space’s Purpose

pasted image 0 55 Source: Cheetah Is the New Black It’s important to dream a little on this step. Envision parties and dinners already underway in your outdoor dining area. What’s happening? Are guests enjoying themselves? As you look around in your daydream, what are you lacking? Perhaps you need an area for a game of darts, a cocktail dessert lounge, or an outdoor television or large projection screen. Will you host small gatherings for friendly wine tastings, or will you welcome rowdy guests who can’t wait for the big game? This is super important as you plan your design.

Consider Your Guests in Outdoor Dining Design

pasted image 0 51 Source: Ralph Lauren Home You have to admit: hosting a string of children’s birthday parties vs. sitting down to regular romantic dinners or friendly brunches are two completely different worlds. And maybe you need a space that can accommodate both of those ideas. And that’s fine. You can certainly achieve that. But, as you continue to dream, think of the people who will fill this space that you design. Are your guests likely to be kids or teenagers, or adults who are sometimes as rambunctious as kids and teenagers? Will you host an older crowd that needs plenty of room to move and appreciate your sophisticated style? It’s definitely worth considering.

Select Decor That Suits You

pasted image 0 54 Source: House Beautiful Speaking of style… Are you a fan of rustic, modern, eclectic, etc.? Further, think about whether you’ll change decor with the seasons or if you plan to keep the same design all year long. Obviously, fire pits and heaters make their way into your outdoor dining space during the fall and winter. Then perhaps string lights and lovely plants make their appearances during spring and summer. But what about the colors you’re employing? If you plan to roll with the same decor all year long, we suggest neutral tones. If you’re changing materials out with the shifting seasons, include bright colors for bright days and warm, rich tones for those colder months.

Think About Your Surroundings and Environment

large outdoor cantilever umbrella Observe your space for several days, and think about it during each of the seasons. Does your area receive a lot of direct sunlight? Are you close to the ocean?  Sunlight and saltwater can damage very quickly your furniture or umbrellas.  Do your research and select what’s ideal for your climate and conditions. Poggesi offers commercial grade aluminum made umbrellas that can sustain any type of weather. We guarantee beautiful, durable material with our Italian-crafted canopies. They’ll offer an element of wonder and height to your design as they stand the test of time and provide maximum shade. We’d love for you to be a satisfied Poggesi client, enjoying your purchase in the many seasons to come. (If you’re interested contact a Poggesi Specialist, we will assist you in selecting the best fit for your design.)

Bring Fun and Flair to Your Project

pasted image 0 52 Source: Remodelaholic Be bold, or be subtle. We just want you to be you! Have fun as you design, and bring in elements that clearly make the outdoor dining experience unique. The best memories are made when everyone is comfortable but also excited. Consider conversation pieces like artwork or homemade accents. Opt for bold patterns and colors if it suits you! Your friends and family love you, so if your space screams YOU, they’ll be just fine with that.

Throw a Mock Party

pasted image 0 53 Source: Pinterest Finally, throw a mock party. Okay, so it’s kind of a real party. But get feedback. That’s the number one goal of this particular gathering. Sure, you can still have a good time, but let your guests know the mission. As they enjoy themselves, they’re responsible for communicating to you how effective the outdoor dining design truly is. You might even make a small survey for them to complete or have a round-table discussion.

Design Time

Okay, so we’ve helped you get started. Now, it’s time to grab a glass of wine and sketch everything. Shop online, or head to some nearby boutiques and home goods stores. You might even look for some DIY projects if you’re in the mood. Remember that, in all of this planning and work, many celebratory and memorable moments await you. As you’re designing your outdoor dining room(s), you’re investing in a fun-filled future.