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Upgrade Your Space with Outdoor Commercial Grade Umbrellas

Jok Outdoor Commercial Umbrellas

So you’ve been thinking about upgrading your outdoor space with a commercial grade umbrellas. Great!

Perhaps you’re opening a new restaurant, looking to upgrade your hotel umbrellas, or you’re a design firm in need of umbrellas for a client project.

Either way, there are a lot of things to think about before making this purchase so that it fits your space, last a long time, and provide the best shade for your guests. Outdoor commercial grade umbrellas come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, and configurations. Our guide has things for you to think about regarding every aspect of umbrella choice as you look for the best one to fit your space.

Core Business Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why you would want an umbrella in your outdoor space. The two most obvious are to provide shade from the sun and overhead protection from the rain for your customers. This will keep your customers protected, cool, and dry in your outdoor areas.

Other great reasons include designating a gathering spot, to complement your existing outdoor decor, or to protect furniture underneath it from additional exposure to the elements.

Considering the end-goal for your umbrella is helpful in deciding what you need. Do you imagine providing customers shade while they enjoy a cup of coffee outside in the morning at your restaurant, or keeping guests from getting sunburned when they’re at your hotel pool?

Determining what purpose your umbrella will serve is the first step to choosing one, before deciding what specs or configurations are needed.

Specs and Configuration

Now that you’ve figured out why you want an umbrella, it’s time to figure out where it will live and what its specs should be.

Some umbrellas fit into a table base, and others are cantilever models, with an offset base, to hang over a space. Others stand on a base without a table surrounding the pole. A cantilever umbrella would be best suited to cover a seating area or a grouping of chairs where you wouldn’t want a base getting in the way.

Choosing a shape is simpler: go for square, rectangular, or round. This is entirely about preference and the look that you are going for, whether it is modern, classic, elegant, or something entirely different!

When choosing an umbrella’s size, begin by measuring the space that you are looking to shade. Determine what the sun’s path will be as well, as you may need to have a larger umbrella than you may think if you are going to be using the space when the sun is rising or setting. Going bigger is usually better when it comes to shade coverage. 

At Poggesi, we specialize in large commercial umbrellas, covering up to 600 sqft per umbrella, so you can cover as much area as you need.

Design and Branding

Commercial grade umbrella custom

Now is the fun part, choosing a color! A lighter color like white, silver, or linen can lend an airy and spa-like feeling to a space. Darker colors like forest green, marine blue, and black can bring a chic, metropolitan look to your space, as well as provide an extra level of shade for those who are looking to block a lot more light.

A wide array of bright, fun colors can personalize a space and bring in an exciting and customized feel. Choose your favorite color, whether it’s seagrass green or sunflower yellow, to complement existing decor or plants.

The color choice may also go hand in hand with fabric choice as well. Some colors are only available in certain fabrics and vice versa. You’ll have to decide what’s more important, color or fabric choice. Luckily at Poggesi, all colors are available in one high-quality Sunbrella fabric choice, which makes choosing even easier!

At Poggesi we also specialize in full customization of your umbrellas. We can customize nearly every part of the umbrella from the structure color, to the fabric (including a combination of fabrics), the umbrella binding, as well as the stitching. You can also consider adding your business logo and colors to your umbrellas to provide a more branded appearance. At Poggesi, we can help provide a mockup of what this will look like to help you get a better idea of brand customization.

Custom Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas

Overall, with just a little thought and measuring, it’s easy to find an umbrella to suit any outdoor space, no matter the size or occasion for needing to shade your outdoor space.

If you’d like some help, feel free to contact us for a detailed quote and design or to answer any questions you may have, and our team will help you pick the perfect umbrella for your business.