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Outdoor Cafe Design Ideas

Thinking about opening or redesigning an outdoor cafe? Outdoor cafes are popular for coffee lovers under outdoor umbrellas, business meetings, interacting, or just people seeing some solo downtime. The exterior of cafes should give off a relaxing vibe while making people feel safe and comfortable. There are several design styles to consider when designing or redesigning an outdoor cafe. These depend on your budget, location, theme, customer base. We have outdoor cafe design ideas to inspire your creativity. 

Rustic greenery

If you want a rustic or natural feel, consider adding more greenery. You can add plants and shrubs to bar and table areas, and a water fountain – depending on the space you have. Larger shrubs are particularly good if you have pavement that is wide enough to secure it. It can also be used to separate your cafe from the street or building next to you. 

A modern outdoor bar

If you have enough space or you don’t mind using some of your outdoor seating areas, you may consider designing an outdoor bar. Wooden bars are excellent choices for a modern cafe. If you don’t have the budget for a full bar, you can always set up a station to serve selected drinks. You may need to hire a professional interior designer for this.

Vintage outdoor decor

Vintage outdoor cafes are quite popular in older towns. If you’re looking for vintage ideas, you can add metal lighting, stone tiles, small pebbles, and vintage outdoor ornaments to match the cafe theme. 

A fancy kitchen

The type of kitchen you can add to your outdoor cafe depends on the ambiance of your cafe. If you have a busy establishment, this might work with a pizza oven or barbecue grill. If you have a quieter establishment, an outdoor kitchen will work best for a sushi chef or on-the-go coffee. Kitchens provide security to customers who prefer to see their food being made. It also gives off the beautiful aroma of food (or coffee!) that’s hard to resist.

Essential shelter

An outdoor shelter is important for any outdoor cafe but if your cafe does not already come with shelter, you can always add your own with awnings or retractable roofs. These options are good but not always affordable or convenient. They also take time to design and build. If you want easier and more intricate options, umbrellas and gate shades are perfect. They are easily installed, don’t cost a fortune, provide enough coverage against the elements, and add a classy look to any cafe.

Choose Poggesi designs for your outdoor cafe

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