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Poggesi Helps Miami Beach Sidewalk Cafe Customers Stay Compliant with City

iIl Giardino poggesi usa commercial umbrellas
  Background: In May 2015, Mayor Levin appointed the Ocean Drive Task Force. The purpose of the Task Force was to review condition on Ocean Drive and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Commission regarding improvements to enhance the experience of those who visit Ocean Drive. The Task Force set a goal of preparing recommendations that would aid in making Ocean Drive a better experience for visitors, as well as a place that residents would be comfortable visiting and returning regularly. In addition, the Task Force sought to do this while keeping in mind the on-going concerns of Ocean Drive business operators and their needs. The Task Force met a total of ten times between June 2016 and November 2015 to discuss relevant issues, as well as meet with experts, residents, business owners, property owners, and City officials. The Task Force discussed a number of issues including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Side walk cafes
  • Lummus Park activation
  • Visibility of police officers
  • Noise in the area
  • The dimensions of the sidewalks
  • Appropriateness of City codes and compliance with the Code
  • Issues related to homeless in the area
The issue pertaining to sidewalk cafe conditions was of great importance to the task force and the Char created an “Umbrella and Appearance” Subcommittee. The sub-committee met a total of six times to fully investigate issues such as umbrella design, code compliance issues, sidewalk cafe furniture, as well as the interaction between pedestrians and sidewalk cafes, and the available space for each. The sub-committee made recommendations to the full Task Force that were discussed and became the basis for many of the recommendations in the Task Force’s final report.

Take a look at some of our recent customer installations following the above guidelines:

Down n Dirty Tacos

Down and dirty tacos poggesi umbrellas miami

Penguin Hotel

Penguin hotel miami poggesi umbrella


Pinkberry Miami Poggesi USA commercial umbrellas

Sugar Factory

Sugar factory miami poggesi usa commercial umbrellas

Voodoo Lounge

voodoo lounge miami poggesi usa commercial umbrellas

Il Giardino

iIl Giardino poggesi usa commercial umbrellas