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The Complete Buyers Guide for Large Patio Umbrellas, Everything You Need to Know

large outdoor patio pool umbrellas
Your patio is your retreat. It’s your sacred outdoor space, and it’s the place you turn to for delightful pops of flowering color, decorative and twinkling lights, and relaxation among the trees and birds. The only thing you may be missing is a large patio umbrella. With Pogessi’s artisan styles, you’ll meet with quality and beauty. These umbrellas were made with your shade and superior taste in mind. Sit back as we open up our buyer’s guide. Take in all the facts you should ponder before you make your umbrella purchase. We’ll have you feeling like a patio pro in no time at all! If you have questions along the way, contact a Poggesi Concierge for assistance.

Choosing the Best Large Patio Umbrella

What is a Large Patio Umbrella?

We see large patio umbrellas in commercial venues all the time. They hover above corner cafe tables and open over countless hotel and spa verandas and beachfronts. But you can bring these to your own home patios as well. If you’re purchasing a single residential patio umbrella, it may be tempting to swing by and pick one up at Home Depot or Lowe’s. We promise that our fine Italian-crafted umbrellas are unique, high-quality, and safe, though. They’re worth the wait. You can trust Pogessi’s Tuscan-inspired designs and impress your guests with the relaxing and beautiful atmosphere our large patio umbrellas afford. Keep reading to discover why a large residential umbrella is just what you need.


As you make a selection for your backyard patio, side veranda, or open-air deck or porch, you’ll want to consider your residential umbrella’s purpose. Often, people forget about asking these questions before a purchase, but we want you to be satisfied in the long-run. Do you require a mobile model for the slowly (but surely) moving sun throughout the day? Will you need shade over a single table, an entire seating area, or a hammock stand? Are you seeking shelter, or simply some color and flair to tie your space together? Sometimes, an open patio will lack that element, or dimension, of height. Poggesi residential umbrellas can complete your outdoor escape’s look. Continue on as we unveil our variety of large patio umbrellas. Find the option that suits you best!

Types of Large Patio Umbrellas

So many varieties of patio umbrellas flood the market. You can quickly find yourself drowning in all of the styles, sizes, features, fabrics, and colors. We hope we can make this process easier and more enjoyable for you. Once again, as you have a look at the types below, don’t forget to keep your purpose at the forefront of your decision.


large cantilever patio umbrella Cantilever umbrellas are a popular patio choice because of their flexibility. You’ll find that you won’t have to re-arrange furniture to remain in the shade. Cantilever umbrellas, instead, allow you to adjust the placement of the canopy, extending the large patio umbrella outward or even retracting it if necessary. Poggesi Cantilevers are operated in smooth fashion with sleek hand cranks. You should know that the Cantilever umbrella functions as follows: 360° rotation, tilt control, and height adjustment. You can keep your family and friends cool and protected with a few simple turns of a crank.


large patio umbrellas poggesi Poggesi Center Post umbrellas stand as another option for your patio, porch, or rooftop veranda. This type is traditional, featuring a center pole that supports the entire canopy. They’re perfect for the purpose of blocking the view of electrical wires stretched above your property, and overall, they’re ideal if you seek a classic style. The center post variety is also great for stationary poolside and lawn setups. If you’re adding the umbrella to a side deck or near a tree line, in which case most of the space is already shaded, the Center Post umbrellas can be just the decor you’re looking for. Feeling overwhelmed already? Don’t fret! We’ll have you feeling like an expert instead very soon. Additionally, you may always schedule a call with a Poggesi Concierge for assistance in selecting the ideal patio umbrella option for your home.


It’s important to determine the proper size patio umbrella that you actually need, so you’ll want to factor in a few things. How much shade do you require? Might you and your visitors benefit from multiple umbrellas instead of only one? Begin by measuring the area you’re attempting to cover. Ensure that you take into account all furniture and additional items: tables, chairs, rugs, plants, etc. Anything you plan to shelter should be calculated into the overall dimensions.

Sizes to consider for your patio space

Coverage – The width of your umbrella is perhaps the most important measurement to consider to determine the coverage needed. Knowing how much space you need to cover will ensure choose the right umbrella size for the best experience. This is typically measured in square footage, so a simple measuring tape from your local store will be enough to measure the total length and width you would like to cover. Total Height – Consider how much space you will need above the umbrella. Since your umbrella will be placed outdoors, height is rarely an issue. However, in some cases, you may need extra room above the umbrella when storing it away since it rises slightly when closed or when placing below trees. Height above furniture – You should also consider how much room you need above your furniture when the umbrella is closed. If you don’t select the right amount of space your umbrella, when closed may overlap taller tables or chairs. You may then, of course, present this essential information to a Poggesi Concierge, and we’ll help you select the best option for your outdoor space. We’re experts in patio design and shade. We’ll know exactly how to assist you in making the right purchase for your individual needs. Refer to our collections for Poggesi umbrella size ranges. These specs can give you a few ideas. Also, note that a custom designed model may be called for in your challenging or extremely unique space.


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Durability is one of the most important aspects of a large patio umbrella. While it certainly may be tempting to select a cheaper option for short-term fun and relaxation, high-quality Poggesi umbrellas ensure that coveted long-range experience. These structures are designed and built to last. Mother Nature won’t simply pass over your patio, leaving it as an untouched, blissful haven. Select an outdoor patio umbrella that you can rely on. Trust in fine fabric that repels rain and other forms of precipitation. For years, Poggesi has employed Sunbrella fabrics in order to present premier residential patio umbrellas. pasted image 0 6 Note that the base and structure will also be exposed to natural elements. Build-up and rust can become issues in many cases, as both factors into appearance as well as functionality. Poggesi manufactures its products using aluminum type 6060 or 6500, which is known to be the highest quality material in the industry.

Fabric & Style

pasted image 0 4 Poggesi’s fabric of choice is the aforementioned Sunbrella, which comes in a variety of marine-grade fabrics. The 10-year warranty against color fading, as well as their Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation, makes them the leading preference. Additionally, a myriad of colors and styles offers you the chance to add those transformative pops of color. You might opt for the tranquil Azure or the lively Sunflower. The detail of our intricate stitching further adds to the overall neat, high-quality patio umbrella appearance. Take look at our fabric selection for a full list of options and styles available to you.

Accessories & Options

pasted image 0 2 Take a moment and envision your large patio umbrella just outside the back French doors. Do you need LED lighting for a night time glow that will dazzle your guests? Imagine the silverware and the cocktails shimmering during your next summer work party or birthday bash. If your outdoor living space requires a mobile patio umbrella, then you should probably consider wheels. You may roll your canopy among your individual sections: the picnic table, the circle of Adirondack chairs, and even the cushion lounge. You could certainly use Poggesi patio umbrellas to cover traditional seating, outdoor tiki bars, or container gardens that prefer the afternoon shade. Just know that you have options when it comes to making your umbrella the perfect piece of outdoor furniture.


Outdoor Patio Umbrella Price tag matters in the arena of patio umbrellas. Some see this as an unfortunate matter, but trust that when you pay for quality, you are purchasing a first-rate experience. You’re investing in a residential patio umbrella that will maintain its shape, color, and function.

Price Ranges

Under $1,500 – If you have a budget under $1,500, it will be difficult to find a high-quality umbrella that will withstand tough weather conditions and last a long time. These are your common home umbrellas found at your local hardware stores. Typically umbrellas in this range are made with very thin aluminum, have a polyester fabric and thus suffer wear and tear faster, implying a very short lifespan. They also come in standard colors, sizes, and shapes, so customization is not an option. Higher Investment Budgets – Generally, a budget over $1,500 is much better when choosing a higher-end umbrella as you will have more options available to you for customization and size. Umbrellas in this price range will typically be a commercial-grade quality umbrella which means they are built to withstand tougher weather and last for many years. These long-lasting umbrellas are made with thicker industrial grade aluminum, acrylic fabric, and other fine quality materials. Characteristic of Poggesi umbrellas, customers have the option of customizing every single thing in the umbrella: the size, the shape, the color of the structure, base, fabric, binding, and stitching. We understand that your budget is more than likely a factor in this umbrella equation, but it’s important to consider the long-term. Instead of “wear and tear,” we like to think of it as “care, flair, and bear.” Care enough to purchase durable umbrellas that will add flair to your garden or terrace, and bear the inevitable natural elements.


At this point, you may be considering several options, so you need to be absolutely certain that your final selection boasts the features you desire. This will obviously contribute to the luxury patio umbrella experience. If your outdoor living arrangement requires 360° rotation, tilt control, or height adjustment, you’ll want to go with the Poggesi Cantilever type for sure. If you need to move your umbrella across your space, you should ponder adding wheels. Our umbrellas are the highest of quality; they’re durable and safe, and they can be very heavy. You don’t want to struggle to shift your umbrella at your next barbeque, so opt for what makes the transition amazing and seamless. Some of our large patio umbrellas offer extensive functions for those who need it. But if you’re looking for an umbrella that is quickly and easily opened, closed, and covered, speak with a Poggesi Concierge for more information about what will suit you and family best.

Care & Maintenance

In order to avoid confusion and frustration later, go ahead and think about care and maintenance now. Question companies about such housekeeping aspects. Be sure that you’re agreeing to a plan that’s fairly simple and cost-efficient. Beware companies that struggle to answer these types of inquiries. They either know the steps will prevent you from purchasing or worse, don’t have an effective procedure in place. Quality companies make quality umbrellas, and those fine companies understand how to protect and maintain their products. You should also examine seller and customer information, checking for warranties. A product worth having comes with a warranty, which serves as proof that the seller believes in the patio umbrella. Guarantee that you won’t experience problems or complete product failure. You, of course, don’t want to be tied to an investment that isn’t working properly or at all.


pasted image 0 7 We’ve saved the best part for last. Obviously, safety is the most important issue. You don’t want your family and friends to experience anything traumatic under the supposed comfort of your residential patio umbrella. They’re dear to you, and customer safety is dear to Poggesi. Don’t ignore the safety features and safety-centered designs. A large patio umbrella that collapses at random or blows away in a strong gust could seriously injure a loved one. Poggesi does not neglect safety standards. In fact, we are TUV certified, so you can count on a truly secure structure and canopy. We aim to protect our customers and work to meet official international safety and quality regulations.


best patio umbrella Consider making room for planters, trendy lighting, and unique pillows and cushions under your large patio umbrellas. You might even think about the addition of a patio heater for those chilly autumn and early winter evenings when you simply can’t bear to let go of summer and move indoors yet!

Come Rain or Shine

We hope that this buyers guide has presented you with a perhaps lengthy but thorough residential patio umbrella checklist. So many elements go into making your outdoor living space a paradise on Earth, and we trust that you see how Poggesi patio umbrellas are the cherry on top. We like to think of them as grand wings that hover above us all, shielding us from inclement weather and protecting us from dangerous levels of sunlight exposure. We also want you to make us your one-stop-shop for all your patio umbrella needs and desires. At Poggesi, our mission is to deliver umbrellas of the highest quality and beauty. Remember, above everything we’ve discussed today, always envision your patio space first. Anticipate the various purposes of your umbrella, and let your ultimate decision take root there. From then on, factor in safety, style, size, and functionality.

Contact Us

Contact Poggesi today with any and all inquiries, ideas, and most importantly your dreams for your future patio design. We’re in the business of making spaces magical. We’re also in the business of making artisan residential patio umbrellas you can be proud of, ones that make a statement and endure the test of time.