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10 Ways To Make More Profit With Large Commercial Umbrellas

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Are you planning to setup an outdoor patio or garden area for your business? Aside from all those garden edgings, landscape stones, fountains, and other important factors which may beautify your outdoor area, you should consider putting up large commercial umbrellas to help improve your area in many ways. We’re a bit biased, but whether you’re making a renovation or you’re just planning to create a beautiful outdoor area for your customers – the benefits of large commercial quality umbrellas can make a big difference to your bottom line. Adding either one or multiple umbrellas can create a nicely shaded and luxury area adding more class and elegance to your outdoor space attracting more customers while helping your business stand out. If you’re still on the fence about the commercial benefits of large umbrellas, this article may finally help you make the decision or at least give you some ideas on how to increase your profits.

1. Use large commercial umbrellas to give your space an elegant look and feel

large commercial umbrellas If you have an outdoor patio or dining area, there might be something lacking. Adding large umbrellas can add a really nice touch to spruce up the look and feel of your patio area. Adding even just one or two umbrellas can make a big difference in the style of your patio area turning unused space into a beautiful shaded area. It will also create more shaded seating that can be moved around and adjusted as needed if you have umbrellas with wheels for mobility.

2. Turn pool or patio areas into VIP upgrade profit opportunities

large patio umbrellasAdding large umbrellas to your pool or patio area can give you more opportunities to charge for comfort and convenience to help your restaurant or business grow with a VIP club. Imagine a day club with an outdoor area investing in a few umbrellas, comfortable day beds, and some tables that could easily become higher priced VIP table areas. People love convenience, and they especially prefer staying out of the heat. So charging even $300-$500 for VIP seating, per night, for multiple tables, could easily recoup the initial investment and bring a positive ROI to your business. At some of the top day clubs or hotels that host pool parties, it is common to pay minimums of $1500 simply for the VIP spot. Add to this a drink menu and bottle service and you’ll be raking in the profits in no time.

3. Keep your customers cool from the heat

Outdoor umbrellas shade protection The main purposes of these huge umbrellas are more than just design. It’s most essential benefit is the protection that it can provide against the heat of the sun. If you have or are considering an outdoor patio area, umbrellas are a must. These beautiful large umbrellas can give your customers protection, especially during those blistering hot sunny days. As mentioned before, this can also give you more profit potential for outdoor dining or seating areas.

4. Keep your customers dry, and attract new ones

large umbrellas outdoor restaurant Some businesses choose to have outdoor patio areas but forget the benefits of having large umbrellas to keep customers dry from the rain. Whenever it pours heavily if your customers are still not able to dine outdoors or spend time in your outdoor areas you are missing out on lots of potential profit. Even potential customers passing by may hop in to seek shelter from the rain and become paying customers, which can help your revenue and profits long-term.

5. It’s free outdoor advertising

custom large branded umbrellas A large branded umbrella is a good way to promote your business for free. This is especially effective in high traffic areas. Putting up a huge umbrella on your patio area can attract new customers walking by. If your location is also busy, people will see your business is popular and may come and check out what you have to offer simply out of curiosity.

6. Turn empty space into profit

outdoor umbrella dining italy Are you using your empty space to its maximum potential? Adding big umbrellas with some patio furniture can turn empty areas into revenue generating machines. Whether it’s adding umbrellas to a sidewalk in front of your business, creating empty patios into an outside dining space or creating pool areas into summer VIP lounges there’s plenty of creative ways to turn space into profits.

7. Increase your available real estate

blue square outdoor patio umbrellas Similar to turning empty space into an outdoor cash cow, adding umbrellas can help you increase your available real estate for patio dining, lounges, and more. While you may need to negotiate leasing more space in front of your business or around it, with umbrellas you can extend out farther without having to invest in building physical structures. This is a much more effective and budget friendly way to add more real estate to your business. You may need to check your local codes, rules, and regulations but ideally, you can create an entirely new outdoor experience without having to invest in building, dealing with permits and other hassles.

8. Create a bar or lounge area

bar and lounge patio umbrellas Adding a bar and lounge area to your business can help bring in extra revenues and profit. Whether you own a local hookah bar or run a large hotel, adding large umbrellas can turn a patio into more profits. As mentioned before you can also turn these into VIP lounge areas that command higher pricing, bottle service and more.

9. Create an outdoor cafe

commercial patio umbrella cafe Adding a few oversized umbrellas to an outdoor space can easily become and outdoor cafe area. If you own a restaurant or indoor cafe, adding umbrellas can give you extra seats where customers can lounge, have a coffee and enjoy the day.

10. Provide entertainment

commercial patio umbrellas By adding outdoor commercial umbrellas you can also create an outdoor entertainment area. You can put an ad out for local musicians to play during your busy nights or to attract more customers on your slow days. People love enjoying a meal or lounging at their favorite bars with live music and entertainment. It adds a nice touch and provides more revenue and profit opportunity for your business to benefit.

Get Creative

The best part about outdoor umbrellas is that there are plenty of creative ways to turn space into high-profit zones. Whether you’re an interior designer looking to sell your clients on the benefits of setting up an outdoor seating area or you own a business and want to increase your bottom line, consider large commercial umbrellas to help you do it. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime.