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Italian Home Design Ideas That Will Motivate You

modern italian patio umbrella
Italy is known for its style, and it has been for a long time. When we think of the beautiful (or bellissimo, we should say), we think of Italy. We think of fine tastes, of Gucci and Ferrari. Above all, you should remember that Italian design means smart design – with a healthy dose of luxury, of course. Today, we’ll tour some indoor and outdoor Italian-inspired spaces. We hope you’ll get some ideas for designing your own home and decorating it in an elegant yet comfortable way. This type of design embraces opulence and family, and it strikes that balance so well.

What Is Italian Design?

Italian design is synonymous with timeless design. The Italians have and always will believe in craftsmanship – floor to ceiling and everything in between. You’re going to see lots of marble, rustic wood, stoneware, and terracotta. These elements speak of rich history and tradition, and those natural colors are part of the Italian palette. When you see Italy at its best, you’ll notice gilt trim and ornate carving. These are representative of a delicate, signature touch assigned to Italian furniture, tile, and other home accessories. With Italian design, you’ll discover that it’s all about the details. Modern Italian design believes in bold colors and whimsical shapes. Whether in the homes of old or in the newly constructed, you’ll find Italian staples: open spaces and lots of natural light. Clean cuts and sexy curves are always welcomed. Italian design clings to simplicity with bursts of lavishness, such as stunning chandeliers. We at Poggesi know a thing or two about that. We incorporate the same attention to tradition, modern touches, and detail. We bring you smart design and luxurious options. We represent both elegance and comfort. With Poggesi, we’re inspired by our roots of quality and sophistication.

Indoor Italian Design: Traditional & Modern

Have a look at some interior styles from yesterday combined with contemporary flair.


Italian rustic decor by Decorated Life This Italian-designed living room incorporates style from Italy’s past and present. The tall ceilings, exposed beams, elegant old world chandelier, and stonework contribute to this look. Neutral colors, large windows, clean lines, and minimal accessories further give this space a classy, liberating feel.


Italian Bedroom Designby HGTV Once again, minimal decor on the walls highlights the ornate Italian design in the rugs and the craftsmanship of the bed itself. If you’re trying to achieve a similar look, go for the straight lines of rustic beans and wood floors. Cling to earthy tones and shapes; embrace nature! But bring in the curvature, too. Notice the soft curve of the spiraling bedposts, circular chandelier, and stools’ rounded arms at the end of the bed. You’ll find many traditional elements of Italy in this room.


Italian Bathroom by The Study Say hello to modern Italian in this bathroom design! We love what Italian designer Achille Salvagni has to say: “I don’t think things necessarily have to match in terms of style and era. If a piece is beautifully proportioned, it automatically looks good with another object of beauty.” You’ll notice the traditional artwork hanging near the popular floating ceiling. You can appreciate the modern lines on the floor. They make a nod to Old Italia, yet they are bold and geometric, saluting the modern style as well.


Italian Kitchen by Home Designing This sleek, modern Italian kitchen beckons the wondrous natural light to flood the room. It boasts clean lines. A center island represents the only countertop in the area. The idea behind the design is minimalism and control. The space is open, airy, and inviting. You’ll often find the stark contrast of black and white color selections in Italian design as well. Bella! Outdoor Italian Design: Traditional & Modern Let’s shift into exterior Italian design inspiration. You can’t go wrong with this kind of ambience.


Italian Terrace by Veranda The Terrace above embraces everything we love about outdoor Italian design. From the vine-covered pergola to the clean, simple lines to the Sicilian tiled floor. If this doesn’t represent your patio goals, well, it should. Picture yourself with a glass of wine. breaking bread with your loved ones at sunset right here. Postcard worthy!


Italian Cabana by Contemporist The outdoor sectional sofa is classic Italia! You get straight, clean lines and a literal turn and curvature all in one. It’s sharp yet cozy. Creams, beiges, and soft nutmeg colors, along with the luminaries, give the chic patio plenty of warmth and romance. Can you imagine unwinding here after a long day at the office?


Outdoor Gazebo by Pinterest Italian design is all about balance. It’s balance between the old and the new. It’s balance between chic style and cozy charm. It’s balance between a cool night’s breeze and the warmth you feel when gathered around the fire. It’s lines, but it’s curves, too. We can’t get enough of Italian design, and we hope you’re feeling just as inspired right now.


King Cantilever Umbrella If you love the soft neutral tones or the pops of color in the images collected above, you’ll find the perfect shade for your terrace, poolside, or garden space in the Poggesi Italian patio umbrellas and the fabrics we use. Click here to view our excellent high-performance fabrics in shades that take you to Italy the moment you see them. Italians embrace the outdoors and nature itself. Even in their homes, you might witness a floating ceiling and plenty of long, sheer curtains reflective of the clouds in the sky. The people of Italy believe in low-stress and in the freedom to love, to shout that love into the open afternoon, and to share food and conversation with family and friends. Poggesi believes in all of that, too. And we design with Italy in mind. You’ll note clean lines and gorgeous curves in our residential patio umbrellas. We’re here to answer your questions and present our finest options that will certainly suit your needs. Contact a Poggesi Concierge today! Share your vision, and we’ll craft bespoke Italian umbrellas that make sense in your living spaces – inside or out.