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How to Store Hotel Umbrellas

As a hotel owner or manager, you’re likely to be aware of the terrific benefits that high quality commercial-grade outdoor umbrellas can provide for your guests. Crafted with luxurious style, relaxing comfort, and durable fittings, the right outdoor umbrellas can make a lasting impression. However, although your hotel umbrellas may be constructed to weather the elements for years, when they’re not in use it is always important to store them properly. After all, when you’ve invested in superior grade umbrellas, it makes sense to do everything you can to help them remain beautiful and useful for as long as possible.

How To Prepare

When it’s time to store your umbrellas follow these simple steps:
  1. Inspect them and look for any tears in the canopy, loose hardware, or any items which might require repair.
  2. Brush off any accumulated loose dirt using a soft brush or clean cloth.
  3. Clean your umbrellas from the top down using a soft cloth or sponge along with dishwashing soap and lukewarm water followed by a rinse from a hose.
  4. However, never use abrasive or harsh detergents or cleansers that can cause fading to the canopy material or damage the frame.
  5. Be sure to let them completely air dry beforehand to help prevent mold and mildew.
  6. Store them somewhere that is cool, dry and off the ground to avoid damage from standing water or moisture.
  7. Cover with a drop cloth or protective cover to provide further protection.
Well-constructed commercial hotel umbrellas are made with marine-grade canopies that resist mold and mildew, and frames and bases are made with rust-resistant aluminum. Yet proper storage is vital to help extend their lifetimes. At Poggesi, our Sunbrella canopy fabrics are made with marine-grade materials and our frames and bases are made of rust-resistant aluminum. Our umbrellas have simple care instructions and they are easy and cost-effective to maintain. Additionally, we offer maintenance plans to provide you with care-free regular maintenance of your umbrellas to keep them clean and operating at their best, hassle-free. Our umbrellas are crafted in Italy by our engineers and artisans and created to your unique vision and aesthetics. Our finely crafted fabrics are beautiful, unique, and durable. Available in a variety of elegant colors, our high-quality TÜV certified umbrellas look great, withstand tough weather, and are easy to maintain, and our patented umbrella technology makes it easy to open and close your weather-resistant umbrellas with a mere touch and a push. It makes sense to invest in a shade structure that will enhance the appearance of your hotel and endure the elements, providing shade and protection for many years to come. Let us show you why we are the leaders in “The Art of Creating Shade.” For more information, please visit