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How to Keep Your Outdoor Umbrella Looking Brand New, Without a Lot of Work

Sunbrella water resistant

Buying quality outdoor umbrellas can be a big investment. That’s why when you invest in your own umbrella, it should last.

Keep in mind, Poggesi umbrellas are built to last. Yet, with a little love and care your umbrellas will last much longer.

In today’s guide, we’ll discuss how to protect your outdoor umbrella investment and make sure it looks new for the long run.

Brush off loose dirt

Over time, your new umbrella will accumulate dust and dirt from being outside. This is normal.

So, the first step to keeping your umbrella looking brand new is to brush off all loose dirt as often as you can.

This will keep dust and dirt from building up over time. This simple practice alone will help prevent a lot of future cleaning.

Use a simple cleaning rag or soft bristle brush to take off dust from the canopy and any other areas.

Clean it from the top down

At Poggesi, our Sunbrella canopy fabrics are made with marine-grade materials. This means our canopies are stain and mildew resistant.Our frames and bases are also made with rust-resistant aluminum.

You can clean the entire umbrella system from the top down with soap and lukewarm water.

Avoid using harsh and abrasive cleaners or detergents. This can cause the canopy material to fade or worse, damage it. Harsh cleaners can also ruin the aluminum framing or base.

Keep it simple and use a mixture of dishwashing soap and water for the best results.

Remove any accumulated dust and dirt from the canopy or frame with a damp cloth, rag, or sponge.

For the canopy, allow the soap and water to soak into the fabric before rinsing it off.

If soap and water alone do not remove the dirt or stains in the fabric, here is a full list of cleaning solutions.

Rinse it down

Now that you’ve cleaned your umbrella you can rinse it down with water.
For fast cleaning, use a water hose and rinse until to remove all soap residue.

Again, we recommend using water at regular lukewarm temperature. Hot water is not necessary.

With a hose, you should be able to rinse the entire umbrella in a few minutes.

Air dry

Once you rinse your umbrella, it’s time to let it air dry.
This is the easiest part of the whole process, so go ahead and grab a coffee or take a break while it dries.

Check Your umbrella

While cleaning your umbrella, look for any loose screws or rips in the canopy.

If you do spot anything that needs repair or replacement, reach out to our customer care team.

If you spot any major issues that cause the umbrella to compromise safety, reach out to our team right away.

Storing your umbrella

When you’re not using your umbrella, it’s best to store it for a longer life-span.

Completely dry your umbrella before storing it to prevent unnecessary rusting or molding.

Storing your umbrella away is easy. Use our easy handle crank to close the canopy down into a locked position.

Some brands of umbrellas may need detaching the pole to store it away. With Poggesi umbrellas this isn’t necessary. Our umbrellas can be easily closed and stored away without requiring extra effort.

If you’ve chosen a movable base, then you can store the umbrella away during off seasons like winter.

Umbrella manufacturers may need a cover to add further protection for your umbrella. With Poggesi, this isn’t necessary either. Our marine-grade canopies will resist mold and mildew without any extra cover or attachments.

Safety First

We often get asked, should you bring in your umbrella during storms or windy weather?

We put our umbrellas through rigorous testing standards. This ensures your umbrella can withstand stronger winds and weather.

Outdoor umbrellas bought at stores or online are rarely built to withstand strong winds. Make sure to check before purchasing or upgrading your outdoor umbrella. Especially if you are using your umbrella for commercial purposes.

We recommend if a storm is approaching to store away your umbrella to prevent any issues. You can also put your umbrella into the ground or attach it to a wall. Speak with our team first about safety recommended safety requirements before doing so.

Let’s be honest, Poggesi umbrellas are strong. But they will not be able to withstand hurricane type weather or storms by any means. So always be smart for your safety and the safety of your guests.

Final Suggestions

Cleaning and maintaining your umbrella is simple. It should take anywhere from 30-minutes to 1 hour max to completely clean your umbrella.

If you have multiple outdoor umbrellas, then batch cleaning on a single day can be helpful.

Feel free to also reach out to us about our Poggesi Maintenance plans. This is the best way to maintain your umbrellas hassle-free. We can provide you with care-free regular maintenance of your umbrellas to keep them clean and operating at their best.