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How to Get Your Patio Ready for Summer

It’s been a long, hard winter, but thankfully, summer will be with us very shortly.  Your outdoor entertainment area has been languishing in the cold and dirt for months, and now is the time to get it ready for the barbeques, sundowners, and pool parties to come. Here are five tips to help you restore your patio, including your residential umbrella – to its former glory – and perhaps make it look even better this summer than it did last year.

1. Clean the patio

The first step is to get rid of all the dirt and dead leaves that have collected on your patio. Start by running a strong leaf blower over the area. This will clear away all the loose dirt and debris. Then you may want to hose the area down. If you have a composite deck, you can give the boards a scrub with mild soapy water. Clean your furniture as well. You should have taken your cushions and other fabric accessories indoors before the cold season set in. Take them out and give them a wash. 

2. Refresh the paintwork

Take a look around the area and see where you can improve with a touch of fresh color. You don’t necessarily have to refinish your deck or anything. It might be as simple as repainting the frame of the glass patio door or adding a new color to your plant pots. A fresh dash of color goes a long way towards making your patio look like new. 

3. Add some new fabric accessories

Speaking of color, you can really bring your patio to life by adding some new cushions and throws. It’s always fun to go shopping for new accessories like this – or you could make some yourself if that’s to your liking. Either enhance your existing color scheme or change it up a little.

4. Get your patio umbrella ready – or buy a new one

Your residential umbrella should have been covered up and put away before winter started. It’s time to take the cover off and inspect the umbrella. Open it up and check the canopy and pole for dirt or damage. You can clean both with a light soap solution (avoid strong detergents). Depending on the condition of your umbrella, perhaps it is time to invest in a new one. Why not splash out on a new, Italian-designed cantilever umbrella to add an extra touch of class and luxury to your patio?

5. Finish off with some plants and lights

Plants are a great way to add color and a sense of liveliness to your patio. Bring in some potted plants (provided they can get sufficient sunlight) or use faux plants or cut flowers to give the patio that extra touch. Finally, add a little sparkle with some lanterns and fairy lights. Lanterns are a great way to create an atmosphere when you’re entertaining in the evening. Another great idea is to string fairy lights on the inside of your umbrella’s open canopy.  Now your patio should be ready for long days of fun in the sun. If it is time for you to buy a new patio umbrella, contact Poggesi USA. We specialize in creating luxury commercial and residential umbrellas, and we look forward to adding that finishing touch to your patio.