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How to Find Year-Round Outdoor Umbrellas

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Outdoor umbrellas are generally designed for good or moderate weather conditions. Whether or not you want to keep your umbrellas out all year round depends on where you are. There are some places where weather conditions are not as extreme, and this means you can keep your umbrellas open, even in the winter months. Even then, you need umbrellas that are highly resistant to various weather conditions. Here’s what you need to look for.

Specialized outdoor fabrics

If you are going to leave your umbrellas out, come rain or shine, then you need to ensure that they are made of tough, weather-resistant fabric that both withstands UV exposure and shrugs off moisture. The best option for this is Sunbrella, a solution-dyed, acrylic material that is custom made for outdoor umbrellas. This fabric is marine grade, made to withstand the harshest weather conditions. 

Sturdy structure

Good outdoor umbrellas should be designed to remain standing even on windy days. This is a question of smart and sturdy design – solid bases that anchor the structure, and well-constructed frames. Poggesi’s range of upright and cantilever umbrellas are created to provide this strength.  Combine great fabric with innovative design and you have umbrellas that can withstand all weather conditions, all year round, although it is still recommended that you put them into storage if you are in an area with extremely icy weather conditions in the winter months. Poggesi umbrellas are crafted in Italy by engineers and artisans, custom-made to your specific vision. They are built to withstand hot, cold, wet and dry weather conditions and are designed for easy opening and closing. Choose from our outdoor umbrella collection or ask us about our custom design services. Contact us for more information.