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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Country Club Umbrellas

Although country club umbrellas are made from sustainable and durable materials, they still need protection from bad weather conditions. Here are some ways to maintain them:

Protect Them From Bad Weather Conditions

Country club umbrellas provide your guests with comfortable spaces to relax in during incredibly hot days or sudden rainstorms, so it’s only natural to want to protect them as well. Umbrellas can be protected from the sun, rainstorms, hailstorms and moisture by using a cover or by taking them indoors. It’s important to remember to let them air dry before storing them away.  Storing your pool umbrellas is so important because they are placed in the sun throughout the day. You can store your umbrella in a shed, garage or basement. You should also make sure that the storage area is cool and dry.

Consistent Inspection

Another way to extend the lifetime of your umbrella is by checking for tears, broken or loose hardware and rust. You can easily tighten the loose hardware or call someone for a replacement. Consistent inspection also lets you catch these warning signs before they can cause any issues.

Consistent Cleaning

Over time, it’s completely normal for your patio umbrellas to get dusty and dirty. You can clean them by using a cloth to brush off the dust softly. If you find that your umbrella has a build-up of dirt, then it’s a good idea to use a sponge with some soap to clean the canopy. After this, you can rinse your umbrella with a hose. Remember not to use any harsh cleaning products on your umbrella.  At Poggesi, our country club umbrellas are made with marine-grade materials and our frames and bases are made of rust-resistant aluminum. We also provide you with inexpensive maintenance instructions to help you keep your country club umbrellas clean and sustainable. For more information, contact us today.