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How to Choose the Right Umbrella for Your Beach Resort

Outdoor Beach Umbrellas
What do you think of when you hear ‘beach resort’? Sun, sand, warmth, relaxation, and everything related to a vacation. Beach resort owners, too, are constantly looking to make their space more inviting and comfortable for guests. One such way to do this is by providing the right shade structures and umbrellas for protection from the harsh sun on the beach. Enter the amazing outdoor umbrellas for beach resorts that are functional and add an aesthetic charm to your beach space. Poggesi, leaders in outdoor shade structures, provides the following tips to choose the right outdoor umbrella for your beach resort

Types of umbrellas

With all the styles and types to choose from, you may find the outdoor shade structure buying process a bit daunting. First things first, understand the types so you know which one suits your beach resort.


The basic functionality of a beach umbrella is to offer protection from UVA and UVB sun rays for guests on the beach. They must also be durable, wind-resistant, and easy to transport and store. The types of beach umbrellas beach resort owners can choose from include:
  1.     Market umbrellas
  2.     Patio umbrellas
  3.     Commercial umbrellas
  4.     Logo umbrellas
  5.     Cantilever umbrellas
  6.     Offset umbrellas


If you are not looking for a traditional umbrella, why not go for a canopy instead? These convenient, lightweight shade structures create a larger cooling area for added protection from the sun. There are also canopies available that are a combination of umbrellas and tents that can be anchored into the sand. These provide greater privacy as well as wind resistance. Poggesi’s canopies are also fade-resistant, mold resistant and durable.

Table patio umbrella

As the name suggests, a traditional table patio umbrella pole fits through a hole in the beach tables set out at the resort. The umbrella is equipped with a base to avoid destabilizing the beach table. It is one of the most commonly found styles and resembles a regular umbrella, only much larger in size.

Umbrella sizes

The first factor while determining the size of the outdoor umbrella you need is the  amount of space available for the application. Outdoor umbrellas are usually in the 5.5 feet to 11 feet range and the larger the size, the greater the sun protection. As a general rule of thumb, buy an outdoor umbrella that extends by 2 feet on either side of your outdoor dining table or beach table. The height of the outdoor umbrella, too, must be optimal so it does not affect those sitting under. Poggesi recommends a height of 7 to 9 feet, at least.

Umbrella opening systems

The types of opening systems include:


A rope that is attached to the pulley system is used to open and close the umbrella. Once opened, a pin must be put in place to ensure the frame does not close for safety of those sitting under.


A spring-latch button or catch locks in place when the umbrella is pushed open. Thus, if you are a beach resort owner or manager looking to invest in the right umbrella for your resort, contact Poggesi today!