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Customer Round Up: 10 High-End Patio Umbrella Set Ups That Will Inspire You

When searching for a high-end patio umbrellas sometimes it can be a daunting task in deciding which umbrellas to choose. What color should you choose? What size? Will it match your furniture? So many questions to ask, so sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. We’ve compiled some of our favorite high-end patio umbrella setups from our customers to provide some inspiration for your own backyard, patio, or pool area.

1. Backyard relaxation

large patio umbrellas poggesi We love this set up containing various sofas surrounding the high-end centerpiece umbrella. With one large umbrella, they are able to cover the entire furniture set providing the perfect escape from the hot sun and a place for friends and family to gather outdoors.

2. Poolside Chats

large outdoor patio umbrellas Here we have a simple minimalistic setup using a cantilever umbrella. Two side-by-side lounge seating chairs covered by this large umbrella provides a great place to sip cocktails with a friend before enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool. With the cantilever umbrella, they can also easily rotate or adjust as needed to cover the sunlight any time of the day. With this custom umbrella, they also chose a color scheme of canopy and poles to match their lounge chairs.

3. Exquisite Dining

This beautiful set up creates the perfect atmosphere for an exquisite backyard dining experience for family or friends. Surrounded by an assortment of flowers and greenery it makes a great area for people to gather, chat, and share their day as the sun begins to set. The umbrella canopy and pole also match well with the furniture providing a unified look to their patio area.

4. Hotel or Home?

poolside patio cantilever umbrella high end This gorgeous backyard poolside setup looks more like a luxury resort hotel than a home. With its own cabanas and lounge chairs couple with a large cantilever umbrella, your next vacation is only a few steps outside.

5. Mountainside Escape

High end umbrella Poggesi This mountainside view is astonishing and provides a perfect place for outdoor parties or poolside hangouts with friends. We love the corner setup over the leaf-shaped lounge chairs overlooking the mountains and ocean.

6. Overarching beauty

This gorgeous home and backyard area are perfectly accented with this large cantilever umbrella setup. Having opted for a single large bench seating area, the umbrella overarches providing ample amounts of shade. We also love the umbrella canopy color choice which matches the home and contrasts well with the surrounding greenery.

7. Brunch by the Countryside

This wonderful patio setup leaves you desiring a delightful brunch with family by the countryside. With the large wooden table and wicker dining chairs underneath the large beige cantilever umbrella, it creates a perfect outdoor space to dine while overlooking the countryside in your own back yard.

8. Modern Luxury

Perhaps a bit more modern style is your preference? If so this outdoor patio area will give you some inspiration with its dark colored furniture and grey umbrellas, which contrast perfectly against the light paint of the home. All of these combine to create a modern, luxurious outdoor area for those weekend escapes.

9. The Grass is Greener

This small yet sophisticated patio setup uses plenty of greenery to contrast with the white furniture and lightly colored umbrella. The small white tables provide a nice place to set down drinks under the shaded area from the large umbrella. This just shows even with smaller spaces you can still create wonderful outdoor experiences.

10. Poolside Lounge

Last but not least, our favorite pick of the group is this gorgeous setup using lounge chairs and a large patio umbrella to create their very own outdoor lounging area. This well-designed setup uses the browns in the furniture and umbrella to complement the blue of the pool area and surrounding palm trees. Who needs to visit a resort when you can have one in your own backyard? We hope you enjoyed this customer roundup showcasing high-end umbrellas and how they can be used to accent any outdoor area. If you have questions or want a quote for a custom high-end umbrella for your own home contact us today and a concierge will be happy to assist you.