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How To Measure Your Patio To Get The Perfect Layout

How To Measure Your Patio To Get The Perfect Layout
A lot of planning is required before you measure your patio for the perfect layout. Adding a patio will enhance your home and improve your quality of life. Design the patio to reflect the architecture of your home and its interior design style. Here are some questions to consider when planning it.       Size and use
  • What do you want to use the patio for? 
  • What size is the space you have available for the patio?
  • Where will you put the patio?
Furniture and materials
  • What kind of outdoor furnishings do you want on the patio? Do you need coffee tables, a round table, a lounge chair, or a dining set? 
  • Must the patio be open, or do you need an outdoor umbrella or gazebo? 
  • What size umbrella or gazebo do you need? 
  • What materials do you want to use for the patio floor? Tiles, pavers, brick, stone, or poured concrete?
  • Must the patio be square, octagonal, or a rectangle? 
  • Will there be steps leading down from the patio to a garden or swimming pool?
  • Will the patio have a centerpiece like a piece of art, a fountain, or fun furniture like an egg chair? 
  • Will it have a barbeque, fireplace, or fire-pit?   
  • What lighting do you want on or around your patio?
Privacy, shade, and greenery
  • Does the area you want to use have a lot of sunshine or shade?
  • Do you need to create screening for privacy from neighbors?
  • Do you want plant boxes on the patio?

Determine The Size Of The Patio 

Now that you have a better idea of what your needs are, it is time to determine the final size of your patio and the furniture arrangement. To do this, you first need to know where the buried utilities such as gas, cable, electrical, phone, and water lines are. The patio must either be designed to avoid the services or provide access. Your lifestyle and patio size determine what furniture will be used and what the ideal layout will be. The furniture layout should also consider traffic flow between the house and the patio.

How To Lay Out A Patio

To lay out the physical space of the patio, you will need a tape measure, stakes, twine, and marking paint.      Use the tape measure to determine the boundaries of your patio. Then sink the stakes into the corners if you plan to have a square or rectangle patio. Use twine between the stakes to mark out the borders. For a patio with a half or full circle, put a stake in the center, wrap twine around it and measure outwards with the tape. Then sink the external stakes.   Once you are happy with the size of the patio, you can use marking paint to finalize the layout, whether this is furniture, plant boxes, or a barbeque.

How To Lay Out Curves For A Patio Or Pathway

The easiest way to lay out curves for a patio or pathway is by using a garden hose, especially when it is a bit pliant from lying in the sun. Lay out the curves and look at them from all angles. Adjust when necessary. If you have a double-story house, look at the patio layout from above. Once you are happy with the curves, use marking paint to preserve the layout. 

How To Get Square Corners

Get Square Corners The easiest way to get square corners when you measure your patio is to use the 3-4-5 method, also known as the Pythagorean Theorem. There are three steps to get a perfectly square corner. Establish a straight line, then a perpendicular line. Measure and mark the lines. You want a three-foot length on the straight line, a four-foot length on the vertical line, and a five-foot length across. Poggesi USA is based in Miami, Florida. We offer a selection of outdoor umbrellas and gazebos for residential use. Our GESI outdoor furniture range is designed for style and durability, and we make customized cushions and pillows with Sunbrella fabric. Consider this when you measure your patio. Contact Poggesi today.