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Get Ready For Summer With Patio Umbrellas

The weather is warming up nicely, and it will be soon time to enjoy time outdoors with friends, family and guests. Good quality patio umbrellas should be an essential part of your preparations for outdoor entertainment this summer. Whether you are a homeowner entertaining your guests on your private patio, or a hotel manager looking to set up your pool deck for the many guests you will be welcoming to your resort in the summer months, Poggesi can provide you with high-end umbrellas that will enhance the appearance of your patio area and last for many years to come while protecting you and your guests from the sun’s rays. There are umbrellas of all shapes, sizes and designs to suit all purposes.

Choose the perfect umbrella for you

Poggesi has eight different umbrella collections, each with its own unique set of functional and aesthetic characteristics. Common to all of them is the exceptionally high quality of Italian-designed umbrellas. Take a glance through these collections and see which one you need to prepare your outdoor entertainment area for the approaching hot summer days.

Center post umbrellas

Our center post umbrellas include the following five collections:
  • Magnum: The Magnum collection can meet almost any seating and size arrangement. It has a maximum coverage area of up to 650 Square feet, with sides measuring up to 26 feet each. This model features a safe mechanized opening and closing system with a worm screw. The design allows for non-removable furniture below and includes a double crown for telescopic opening. 
  • Dehor: The Dehor collection is similar to Magnum in look and operation, but is tailored for large spaces. It is best suited for group seating areas with large tables or a lot of smaller tables.
  • Jok: This is the smallest collection among our center pole designs. These umbrellas open easily with a rope and pulley design and include a double crown for telescopic opening. Jok umbrellas are best for single tables or small group seating arrangements. 
  • Party: A lightweight, robust and durable umbrella with an easy-to-use rope and pulley system, the Party design is an excellent all-purpose umbrella that meets all standard requirements. 
  • Bay: The Bay is best suited for patio, restaurant and cafe seating areas, or any small spaces. It has a light, elegant and modern look, and is compact and efficient.

Cantilever umbrellas

Poggesi also produces a range of beautiful cantilever umbrellas that includes the following three collections:
  • King: These impressive umbrellas have a span of up to 16′ with a patented de-centralized structure. Operation is with a handle crank that allows for multiple functions, including 360° rotation, tilt, and height adjustment of the canopy.
  • One: This innovative design includes a single-crank opening and tilt system that is unique and efficient. The One collection is designed for spaces with strict furniture regulations, as well as patios and decks of any size.
  • Summer: The aptly named Summer collection offers unrivaled value both as commercial and residential outdoor umbrellas. They feature soft bellows and 360-degree rotation.
Poggesi USA can customize all of our collections to suit your specific needs. If you want to prepare yourself for summer with the perfect pool umbrellas or patio umbrellas, contact Poggesi today and talk to us about your requirements.