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Does your Outdoor Umbrella Protect you from the sun?

Does your Outdoor Umbrella Protect you from the sun_
We all love sunshine but UV rays can be dangerous to our delicate skin. An outdoor umbrella can be a beautiful addition to your patio or outdoor area but does it provide adequate protection? Here is more information on choosing an outdoor umbrella for UV protection.

Why choose outdoor umbrellas for sun protection

Why choose outdoor umbrellas for sun protection We live for sunny days on balconies, cafes, and our garden patios, but UV rays from the sun can be quite harmful if you don’t take the necessary precautions. About 106,110 new melanomas were diagnosed in America alone in 2021 – a portion that could’ve been prevented with sun protection. Sunscreen is essential to protect yourself from UV rays but it should also be reapplied after swimming or sweating. If you are not able to do this or you want full protection, you need shade.  Outdoor umbrellas provide the adequate shade you need, so that you can take off your hat and glasses, and relax. A good outdoor umbrella made from quality material has UV filters that filter out UV radiation for optimal sun protection. In addition to forming a barrier between you and the sun, many outdoor umbrellas are designed for style and elegance, making them a great addition to outdoor establishments and homes seeking sun protection, while creating aesthetic appeal.

How to choose an outdoor umbrella that protects you

How to choose an outdoor umbrella that protects you To choose an umbrella that provides adequate protection, you need to look at 2 factors:
  1. The fabric and quality of the umbrella
  2. The stability and mobility of the umbrella
You cannot compromise when it comes to the fabric as it needs to be of the highest quality to provide good protection against the sun. Ensure the fabrics are manufactured with filters that provide maximum protection against UV radiation.  With wind and movement, your umbrella needs to also be stable and provide protection regardless of the time of day. An outdoor umbrella that can be adjusted, rotated, or tilted will help you to provide sun protection regardless of the angle of the sunlight or weather condition. Poggesi outdoor umbrellas are designed with expert care and fabrics to provide sun protection. Our umbrellas are certified and have excellent quality standards against sun protection. Umbrellas from Poggesi are 100% weather resistant and are structurally sound as they are manufactured by skilled engineers and artisans. Our materials include the strongest aluminum in the market to withstand wear and tear, and damage from harsh UV rays. Along with sun protection, when you choose an outdoor umbrella from Poggesi, you receive a variety of elegant fabric colors and unique designs that compliment your outdoor environment. For complete sun protection, purchase an umbrella from Poggesi by contacting us today!