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Custom Umbrellas vs. Shade Sails for Your Hotel or Resort

Hotel Umbrellas
Hotels and resorts are in the business of building the best customer experiences for their guests. Apart from the look and feel of their premises, they invest in the design and installation of high-quality shade structures for ample protection from the sun too. Guests who are comfortable in the outdoors with the right amenities along with comfort are more likely to spend more time in these spaces. The two most popular shade structures used in hotels and resorts are shade sails and outdoor umbrellas. Poggesi, experts in shade structures, outlines their pros and cons.

What’s the difference between shade sails and outdoor umbrellas

Shade sails are large structures, usually tri-cornered, that do not have any accompanying erections such as poles or bases. Instead, they are fixed onto existing structures such as the sides of buildings, trees, or other independent poles. They are a great addition to children’s play areas or public swimming pools as there are no obstructions. It is a permanent, year-round solution that is only taken down if it needs refurbishment or repair. An important feature of the shade sail is that it is custom built according to the intended space. The outdoor umbrella, on the other hand, is a highly versatile and popular shade structure used in residential and commercial enterprises. Available in several sizes and styles, they are easily transportable and offer excellent protection against the sun and its UV rays. These are excellent options for hotels and resorts who look to change their designs or aesthetics according to the season or climate.

Pros and cons of shade sails

Pros of shade sails

  1.     Every feature of the shade sail i.e. shape, size, color and fabric is customizable.
  2.     They can be designed to cover any space, irrespective of shape or size.
  3.     They are unobtrusive as there are no poles or frames (maybe on the outside in certain models).
  4.     They are easy to maintain and do not need regular cleaning.
  5.     If the space is large, multiple shade sails can be used to cover the space.

Cons of shade sails

  1.     The aesthetic value of shade sails is much lower than regular outdoor umbrellas.
  2.     The installation process is more complicated than regular outdoor umbrellas as it needs to be attached to other existing structures.
  3.     They are not easily transportable due to the sheer size and installation process.
  4.     Larger shade sails for commercial properties such as hospitals or parking lots need council approval.

Pros and cons of umbrellas

Pros of umbrellas

  1.     They are a wonderful addition to any space, especially due to their colors and designs.
  2.     You can customize the colors and look according to the space it is in. This is perfect for hotels and resorts that are looking to create brand consistency.
  3.     They can be repositioned as per changing design rules due to their easy portability.
  4.     As they are more flexible and moveable, they are easy to transport and store away, if needed.
  5.     Outdoor umbrellas do not need council approval like certain shade sails.

Cons of outdoor umbrellas

  1.     As the size of an outdoor umbrella is limited, it is difficult to offer protection to a large area.
  2.     In center-post umbrellas, there is a pole which can be an obstruction to those sitting under it.
  3.     Most models, unless they are built from heavy-duty materials, need to be stored away in harsh weather conditions such as storms.
  4.     They need regular cleaning and maintenance.
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