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Why Custom Cushions May Be the Future

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When decorating or renovating your home, country club or resort, the fabrics of your soft furnishings go a long way in determining the holistic look and feel of the space. Custom cushions can sprinkle a bit of your unique personality over the room and create that cohesive look you want.  You are able to choose precisely what you want so that your cushions fit in perfectly with your décor and lifestyle. Custom cushions are a great way to create that highly personalized look for a room or even an outdoor space as well as to give your furniture more years of service.

Replacing Sofa Cushions Is The Smart Thing To Do

When sofas age, it is really just the cushions that have worn. Generally, the frame of the piece is still good for another while – especially if you originally invested in quality items. You can give your furniture a new lease on life by replacing the cushions. Customizing sofa cushions means that your sofa’s new cushions will be made to size and will fit your existing furniture perfectly. Using only the highest quality high-density foam, the sofa will be as comfortable and stylish as the day you bought it. Cushion replacement is often the better option than buying a new couch. Nobody will know that you have replaced the cushions; the couch will look brand new, and the fit will be nothing short of perfect.

Make Spaces Attractive With Cushions

Couches and other seating spaces can look bland when the fabric used is a plain color. Sometimes, the addition of some scatter cushions can transform your lounge from looking like a doctor’s waiting area into an elegant and unique room imprinted with your own signature style. Another great décor idea is to have custom cushions made for storage spaces. If you have built-in storage in kitchens or on patios, why not have custom cushions made for the top of the storage space and it becomes a comfortable bench seating area.

Add Comfort To Common Spaces With Cushions

A trend that America is embracing is placing cushions in outdoor, common areas. When the sun is out, place cushions on outdoor benches and chairs to make the space more inviting for guests or family members. A pop of color in the garden is always a welcome addition. Don’t forget that adding some cushioning to your car seat or office chair can really help your back and your posture. It could make the difference to your drive or your work day.

Custom-made Cushions, No Limitations, Widescreen To Fit Any Sofa And Couch

Be creative in your décor style. The limited choices you are presented with in stores might not be ideal for your home, office, resort, etc. When it comes to customizing cushions, the options are limitless. You should be experimenting with colors, shapes, and styles to suit your lifestyle and your creativity. Imagine the additional comfort and luxury of having customized bedding and pillows to fit your mattress exactly. You can create a cohesive look in a room by having cushions (or bedding) made to match other elements perfectly, instead of taking a chance on store-bought items which may not be the perfect match. You know what you want, so why not get just that? Custom-cut cushions can be made in any dimension to fit any odd-shaped piece of furniture you have or even any whim you may have. Let your imagination run wild and create a beautiful, bespoke space where every item has its place. We all want to live in a space that functions well and looks fantastic. The cohesive look and feel you crave is anchored in fabrics and soft furnishings. Contact Poggesi for more information on how to use custom cushions to convey your unique personality.