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10 Stunning Covered Patio Ideas You Can Start This Weekend

Covered Patio Ideas
Looking to spruce up your covered patio this summer? If you love spending time under your covered space or if you entertain dinner guests frequently out there, then you’re probably wondering about ways to make this area more magical, relaxing, and inviting. Stay tuned. You can get started on one of these ideas (or more) this weekend!


pasted image 0 27 Source: Old Brand New This is a hangout, right? If you haven’t installed a covered patio fan yet, that’s simply a must. It gives an indoor, cozy feel while also providing much-needed airflow during those hot afternoons and even early evenings. Further, pick up a few ferns, and check out some hanging chairs, swings, and hammocks. Choose whatever works for your patio! All of these floating elements will give your outdoor getaway some fluidity.


Covered Patio Ideas Source: Houzz Beyond lighting fixtures and draping those popular globe or string lights across your pergola, you can opt for lining your covered patio ceiling with neat rows of rope (or any) lights of your choosing. This gives you clean lines and more of a formal kind of elegance.


pasted image 0 26 Source: Home Design Lover Yes, please. Installing an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate covered patio move. This allows you to hang out with your family or guests while you’re preparing meals. Mix drinks for your friends and entertain them as you show off your culinary genius.


pasted image 0 33 Source: The Garden Glove Choose a color (or two), and run with it! Bring in pops of vibrancy with lighting, flowers, pillows, rugs, cushions, throws, etc. This will give your covered patio a finished, homey vibe. Your guests will leave talking about your decorating sense and fun taste!


pasted image 0 24 Source: The KitchN Use cedar wood to create floating benches for a party-friendly dining area. A few cushions and some pillows make this sectional-style seating perfect during evenings of cocktails and grilled delights. And if you didn’t know, cedar is great for repelling insects and at resisting rot and decay. Bonus!


pasted image 0 31 Source: Home Bunch Maybe you have a table and several chairs on your patio, but add a seating area to offer even more relaxation. After dinner, head to the lounge area and keep sipping on those mixed drinks. Have a little dessert, and chat together. Opt for couches, coffee tables, rugs, and vibrant cushions and pillows. If you only have patio seating, then reverse this advice: go for the dining set!


pasted image 0 32 Sources: Decor Pad This kind of setup is wonderful for the games on Sundays. Who needs a man cave when you can live out in the open air like this? And Friday nights? You’re going to want to stay home, head to the patio, snuggle up by the fire, and watch a favorite film. Better than the dark, stuff, germ-infested movie theater, right?


pasted image 0 30 Source: Pinterest Begin brainstorming ideas about how you can take your covered patio floor to the next level. Brick pavers, mosaic tile, or rock slabs could work for your space. You might consider a multi-textured patio floor. A mix of gravel, wood, and slate could look lovely and be inviting.


pasted image 0 28 Source: Pinterest You can still spy blue sky, sunshine, birds, and stars with the inclusion of skylights along your covered patio ceiling. Welcome the clouds! Don’t shut them out. Kick back, relax, and gaze up into the daytime or moonlit night.


pasted image 0 29 Source: Amazing Interior Design Plants are a way to reflect your nurturing spirit. They make people feel at home and cared for, and they add so much life to your covered patio. Do a little research, and you can find plants that repel pesky insects. Whether you select flowering or green plants, they’re pieces of nature that are joining in all the fun!

Bonus Tip

If you have an uncovered pergola like the one above, then you may be in need of some further protection from the sun and passing rain showers. Host your summer weekend luncheons under the shade of an Italian-crafted Poggesi patio umbrella. pasted image 0 25 Contact a Poggesi Concierge today to discuss your outdoor area, color options, and the perfect residential patio umbrella for your covered patio. Even without a pergola, you can extend your covered space or, with our help, finally create the one you’ve always wanted. Plan for more shade, shelter, and comfort today!