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How Commercial Beach Umbrellas Can Grow Your Business

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Are you considering commercial beach umbrellas for your beachfront location? With a clear blue sky, fine white sand, and ocean water to help us cool down, a great beachfront view has become one of the top choices of many tourists, in any part of the world. So, what does this mean for your business? It’s simple. If you own or manage a beachfront resort, hotel, or restaurant, you can look for opportunities to attract more guests by creating outdoor experiences. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can use commercial beach umbrellas to create or enhance your own beachfront experiences and grow your business.

Why Bother With Commercial Beach Umbrellas?

For beachfront restaurant owners, resort owners, or site managers, there are plenty of purchase decisions to make and things to consider day to day. So why should you bother installing commercial beach umbrellas at your location? As a business owner or manager, you know customers always come first. Believe it or not, umbrellas are not just about looks. An outdoor umbrella can play an important role in the experience of your guests and visitors and increase your revenue. Commercial-grade outdoor umbrellas provide practical shade and a luxurious setting for customers to get the best overall experience. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to consider installing your own umbrellas…

Additional Revenue

While it seems counterintuitive, most corporate related purchases for outdoor beach umbrellas are still mainly for aesthetic reasons. It is often overlooked how installing umbrellas can actually increase the bottom line of the business itself. Outdoor umbrellas can provide real measurable growth for your business and operations. A resort or restaurant, for example, can easily convert an unused outdoor space into a new outdoor dining area with just a single large umbrella, tables and chairs. In fact, many of our own customers have done this extraordinarily well, turning simple empty space into new revenue opportunities. There are many other use cases you can implement as well with umbrellas to drive more revenue that we will cover later in this guide. Just keep in mind that umbrellas can do more than provide shade, they become revenue generating machines.

Customer Experience

Things like customer experiences are a bit harder to measure but are essential. While adding an outdoor dining area to serve additional customers is more tangible and measurable, it can be more challenging to track things like customer satisfaction levels. However, with happy customers, you will get return customers, referrals, and higher ratings on review sites which do impact your business. By increasing your customer experience levels, you affect other parts of your business machine. The more a customer returns or refers others, the more effective your marketing becomes. The happier guests are, the less they will complain and leave bad reviews on review sites. Even employee and staff morale will increase with happier customers who give praise about your business. All of these are byproducts of high customer satisfaction that outdoor comfort and luxury can provide.

Social Media Exposure

I know your thinking, how can installing an umbrella give you more social media exposure? In a millennial run social world, it’s all about creating Instagram worthy experiences. By adding outdoor umbrellas and setting up a luxurious beachfront photo opportunity, you’ll provide your guests with the perfect backdrop. Create the ultimate beachfront experience, make your guests feel like they are living in 5-star luxury and they will show it off across social media. Of course, the benefits of free social exposure should speak for itself. With hashtags and location tagging on nearly every social network, it won’t be long before “FOMO” kicks in with their friends and they’ll be visiting your establishment also. Again, this is harder to measure, but the benefits are indeed real. It may take some coordinated effort with your marketing team, but you can prepare the ultimate outdoor beachfront spot and encourage guests to share photos on social media to amplify the effects.

Branding & Marketing

For any business, branding is essential. That’s why you should consider all options for branding opportunities that are non-intrusive to guests, but still effective. Many of our customers create branded umbrellas for their locations in order to attract more business and create an overall branded experience. By adding a few outdoor custom branded umbrellas to your beachfront location, you will get free advertising to every beachgoer and person walking by. This also goes hand in hand with social media as mentioned before, since your guests will take selfies and photos with friends, most likely including your branded umbrellas. This is a more subtle way of marketing that is harder to measure with cold hard numbers, but it can be very effective.

Choose Commercial-Grade Umbrellas

Ok if you’re still with us, we’ve talked about the benefits of umbrellas, but let’s talk about choosing the right umbrella. I’m sure we don’t have to say this but we will anyways just in case you’re considering it – don’t buy non-commercial grade umbrellas. You shouldn’t go to your local hardware store for your outdoor umbrellas. The biggest risk you can take if you’re considering adding outdoor umbrellas to your location is going with umbrellas that were not built for commercial use. Not only will your beach umbrella be exposed to plenty of weather and usage, but your business can be exposed to potential lawsuits if you choose an umbrella that can harm your guests because it was not commercial-grade. Let’s dive into some of the important choices you should consider when choosing a commercial grade beach umbrella.

Weather-Resistant By Design

Considering the fact that the weather by the ocean can become unpredictable at times, you should choose an umbrella that is built to last. In locations like South Florida for example, one minute it can be sunny and calm, the next windy and raining. Not to mention the hidden exposures of ultraviolet rays from the sun that will slowly fade your umbrellas canopy over time should be considered. With its carefully weaved fabrics and strictly selected materials, Poggesi’s umbrella canopies are able to withstand the hottest days and resist fading. As a bonus, our canvases are mold resistant as well for longevity and to keep a high-quality appearance. The last thing you want is to have a bunch of moldy umbrellas ruining the look of your business, or having to allocate staff hours to constantly clean lower quality umbrellas. Not only should the canvas be weather resistant, but your structure should be also. Poggesi umbrella structures are built with stainless steel materials to resist rusting in all outdoor conditions and to withstand strong wind conditions. The frame, with its steel structure, is coated with aluminum powder; the cables and bolts are all stainless steel which secures a lifetime of durability and beauty. No matter what umbrella company you choose, make sure your umbrellas are built to be weather resistant for both your bottom line and for the safety of your customers.

Wind Resistance and Stability

If you’re planning to install beachfront umbrellas, wind conditions must be considered. Make sure you choose sturdy commercial-grade beach umbrellas that can stand in the wind. Avoid lower quality umbrellas that cannot withstand windy conditions. Again, this put’s your business at risk for no reason, and just isn’t worth it. It’s better to invest in quality now and avoid any issues later. Poggesi umbrellas are manufactured and crafted for stability. Our umbrellas are built with heavy-duty materials, all of which are created to withstand strong wind conditions. If you want to know specifics for your location, feel free to reach out to our team.

Safety & Quality Assurance

The other factor to consider is the safety standards & quality assurance of the umbrella you choose. Before you click that buy button and choose any umbrella from any online umbrella vendor, make sure that you do your research. Is the umbrella you’re purchasing safe for your guests? Is it commercial-grade? Has it met certain standards? These are simple questions but can mean all the difference in a successful umbrella purchase. At Poggesi, we take safety seriously. Together with the durability and stability features are certifications from TÜV and Intertek, both worldwide quality testing organizations This is one proof of Poggesi’s assurance to its clients that all products are made with the intention of providing safe and high-quality products. With the TÜV trademark, rest assured that all our products are crafted and created with the utmost quality any manufacturer can provide. This trademark ensures that safety was also considered at every production process. Our products are all imported from Italy and are also well-known to provide quality beach umbrellas to other well-renowned hotels from all over the world for a reason.

Ease of Use

One other important factor often overlooked is the ease of use for day to day operations. Consider how much time you or your staff will need to operate the umbrellas you are purchasing. If it takes too much time to open and close the umbrella, this can reduce efficiency. We believe anyone should be able to operate the umbrellas including the hosts, waitresses, etc. Our patented umbrellas use state-of-an-art technology that allows an easy to open and close feature. With a simple touch and push, it allows its users to manipulate the umbrella to reposition as needed with ease.

Real Use Cases for Commercial Beach Umbrellas

We’ve talked about some of the benefits and reasons to choose commercial umbrellas, but let’s dive into some actionable items you can consider implementing. There are many use cases for commercial umbrellas you can implement in your business, but we’ll touch on some of our favorites we’ve seen from past customers. Below is a list of ideas to get you started…

Outdoor Beachfront Restaurant

Poggesi Beach Umbrellas Perhaps the most common use case for outdoor umbrellas is creating a beachfront restaurant. With just a single large umbrella, and a few tables and chairs, you can turn an outdoor area into the full beachfront dining experience. This is a great way to create additional revenue as mentioned earlier by creating space for more guests. It also makes for the perfect luxurious dining spot that guests will rave about on social media.

Beachfront Bar

With outdoor umbrellas, you can easily transform an outdoor space into a beachfront bar. Add a few outdoor TV’s, music, or a live DJ, and you can quickly add a new revenue channel and create a place for guests to hang out during big events like the Superbowl. If you pull it off right, you can have an outdoor hangout spot that guests will make part of their regular weekend routine with friends, increasing repeat business.

VIP Lounge Areas

By setting up an outdoor umbrella covered area, you can charge a premium for guests to escape from the heat. With VIP lounge areas, you can also provide upsells for food and beverages to increase the ticket value of your customers and their overall experience. Get creative with your available space or look for inspiration at other resorts, restaurants, hotels, and clubs around your city. If you need ideas you can also contact our team and we’ll happy to talk with you.

Day Beds

poggesi beach umbrellas Daybed experiences are the ultimate luxury experience for locals and tourists alike. Especially for beachfront properties. By adding commercial-grade beach umbrellas to a patio area you can create a full day bed experience that can be purchased at a premium. It’s not unheard of to charge $300+ to rent a day bed and include food and bottle service. Surprisingly, daybeds can work well at night also for beachfront clubs, where you want to provide a VIP option for guests to get away from the crowds.

Are Outdoor Beach Umbrellas Right For Your Business?

If you want to provide your guests with that staycation/relaxation feel that would make them come back for more, and even recommend your hotel or restaurant to others, you should seriously consider outdoor umbrellas. Crafted with a luxurious style, relaxing comfort, and durable fittings, the right outdoor umbrellas will definitely give your business what it needs to stay in the game. Having to choose the right outdoor beach umbrella for a business means considering several factors we’ve already touched on. Durability, stability, weather-resistance, and even a beautiful design that would allow guests to easily distinguish and recognize your business. Specific customization of umbrellas to fit all these factors are also readily available here at Poggesi. Contact us if you need further details or assistance in choosing the right umbrella for your business. We’re always ready to provide you with options.