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Choosing the right shade structures for hotel pools

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Hotel pool sides can be the most relaxing retreat for guests to unwind in. A comfortable hotel pool ambience consists of quality shade structures, comfortable seating, and eclectic décor, among others. Hotels encourage their guests to spend more time at the pool side through the ambience and other facilities. Poggesi USA, leaders in umbrella structures and shading since 1964, help you choose the right shade structures for your hotel pool or commercial enterprise.  

The purpose of the shade structures

Hotel pools are usually constructed under open skies, without any shade or respite from the sun’s rays. Thus, shade structures can be erected to provide comfort and protection from harsh weather conditions, UV rays and even noise. The canopy of the shade structure can be customized and designed in aesthetically pleasing colors, patterns, and styles to suit the look and feel of the hotel. Additionally, the canopies can be fitted with night lighting or speakers for added functionalities. 

Shaded structures such as umbrellas and shade sails can upgrade the look of any hotel pool side, while encouraging guests to spend more time in the pool ambience during the day or nighttime.

Shade structures and UV protection

According to reports by The Skin Care Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. With alarming statistics such as this, it is imperative to protect ourselves and others from harsh sunlight and UV rays. Hotels and other commercial enterprises, too, have a responsibility of safeguarding their guests by adding effective measures such as high-quality shade structures. These must be manufactured from superior materials to block out UV rays. 

Poggesi USA utilizes high-quality canopies and fabrics that offer SPF50+ UV protection that can block close to 100% of the UV radiation. 

However, there are several factors, apart from the fabric, that must be considered while choosing the right shade structure for your hotel pool side. The sun moves through the day, and it is important that the structure can be tiled or rotated for the comfort and safety of your guests. 

Other factors to consider while choosing the right fabric for the canopies of the shade structures: 


The tighter the fabric is woven; the less UV rays pass through. 


Darker colors absorb more UV rays than lighter ones. 


The heavier the fabric, the greater barrier it will be against UV rays. 

Effects of your surrounding environment

Shaded structures from Poggesi USA are available in a multitude of colors, designs and patterns that can uniquely complement the look and feel of your hotel. We also offer you the option to customize them to specific needs, creating timeless and unique pieces. For our commercial clients, we offer the following styles and shapes:

  • Market umbrellas
  • Square umbrellas
  • Round and octagonal umbrellas
  • Rectangular umbrellas

Clients can also choose from a range of Poggesi USA shaded structure designs including large center-post umbrellas, mid-sized center-post umbrellas, traditional center-pole umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas etc. These shaded structures from Poggesi USA are manufactured to withstand the toughest environmental conditions for the comfort and safety of your guests. 

Poggesi has been a leader in the shading industry since 1964. Our structures and umbrellas are manufactured using quality materials, innovative technologies and craftsmanship like no other. Hotels, resorts, and cruises across the globe are using Poggesi products to accentuate their premises. Contact us today to know more about our shade structures and umbrellas for your hotel poolside today.