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Choosing the right patio umbrella for your home patio

Outdoor Garden Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are one of the most popular accessories to outdoor furniture in a home. These umbrellas can offer effective protection from environmental factors such as heat, snow, and rain. With the right canopy material, they can also shield you and your family against harmful UV rays. These patio umbrellas can enhance the look and feel of your deck or patio, especially when customized to your needs. Poggesi USA, a leader in the shading industry since 1964, outlines factors to consider while choosing your home patio umbrella. 

What size should your patio umbrella be?

The first aspect to consider when choosing your home patio umbrella is the size. If it is too large, it can overshadow the ambience of your patio and if it is too small, it defeats the purpose of providing adequate shade to the intended area. Some important questions to ask yourself when deciding the size are: How much space is available? What is the shade coverage you are looking at? What is your budget?

As a rule of thumb, Poggesi advises you to choose a patio umbrella that extends by 2 feet on all sides of your patio table. 

Which canopy fabric should you choose?

Choosing the right material for your canopy is essential for adequate protection against the elements as well as harmful UV rays. The most used fabrics for canopies are:


This material offers 100% resistance against UV rays and a high level of protection from harsh weather conditions. 


This material provides adequate resistance against the sun but is not highly effective in rainy conditions. However, it can be treated with a waterproofing spray for added functionalities. 

Shade cloth

This material can block out 90 to 95% of UV rays and offer some resistance against rain and moisture. 

Once you have chosen the right material for your canopy, you have an array of colors, patterns and designs that can complement the aesthetics of your patio or deck. 

What pole or frame material is best for your umbrella?

The most common materials used for the pole and frame structure of the patio umbrella are wood, metal and fiberglass. Consider weather conditions and aesthetics before choosing the right one for your home.


Umbrellas that have a wooden pole or frame utilize a manual pulley system and cannot be rotated usually. Commonly used wood types to build these structures are teak and hardwood. 


Umbrellas with a metal frame usually function with a crank lift or push-button. Some common finishes are black, white, and champagne, among others. 


Umbrellas with fiberglass frames are considered the most durable and sturdy. They are lightweight and more flexible than wood or metal frames. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions and are available in a variety of colors and designs. 

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How heavy does the deck umbrella base need to be?

A residential patio umbrella must be accompanied by the right weighted base for stability. The weight of the base depends on three factors: the size of the canopy, the environmental factors and whether it includes a table. Thus, a patio umbrella does not need to be anchored to the ground, it just needs the right base to avoid it toppling over. 

Poggesi utilizes the highest quality aluminum i.e., 6060 or 6500, along with innovative technology and excellent craftsmanship to manufacture stylish and durable patio umbrella bases.

The general rule, however, is as follows: the larger the patio umbrella, the heavier the base.  

Poggesi is a leader in outdoor furnishings for residential and commercial applications. Contact us today for a unique, customized patio umbrella for your home today!