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What You Should Know Before Choosing the Best Cantilever Umbrella for Your Patio

Best cantilever umbrella
Looking for the best cantilever umbrella? Every outdoor space is all about having fun in the sun, but having a little bit of shade from an umbrella is important. Whether you’re looking to just have someplace to keep dry when it rains or looking to add that extra touch to your outdoor patio design essence, umbrellas make great add-ons to any backyard or patio. If you’ve done some shopping around you may be familiar with different types of umbrellas available. The 2 main types are center post umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas. In this article we’ll focus on cantilever umbrellas and why it’s important to choose the best one for your patio.

What is a Cantilever Umbrella?

Rather than having a pole at the center, a cantilever umbrella is supported by a sturdy pole and base at the side with a rotating arm. This means that you can rotate the umbrella as the sun moves and enjoy the shade in different areas without having to move the base. A cantilever umbrella is a perfect choice for a patio, deck, poolside and even in some situations, you can position the cantilever umbrella to protect you from the sun’s rays while you’re still in the water.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cantilever Umbrella for Your Home

What Size and Shape Work Best For Your Patio

The first and most important factor that you to take into concern is the size of your cantilever umbrella. Before settling on one umbrella of a certain size, always measure the space you want to cover so that you can know the size that will best suit your needs. Think of the space in both square and circular shapes, since there are umbrellas that work well for both types of space. As a matter of fact, measuring the width and the length can help you determine the shape for you. However, remember that you may need to be flexible on whether you require one big umbrella or several smaller ones to position them at key points in backyard or patio area.

Style and Design Are Key

Whether you’re buying a cantilever umbrella for your poolside, patio or deck – style and design matters. Make sure that you look for a style of cantilever umbrella that compliments your outdoor decor. While you may want to go with the style trending currently, you need to ensure that your style of choice is in tune with the appeal and overall design of your home. Cantilever umbrellas come in various shapes and designs.  The canopy can be octagonal, square or rectangular. Your design of choice will depend on your tastes and preferences, or the design that best complements your outdoor space or garden furniture. With outdoor umbrellas, there are plenty of color choices and fabrics to choose from. Choose a color that complements your outdoor furniture, greenery, and exterior paint colors. With all the colors and styles to choose from it may help to have a designer or an outdoor umbrella consultant recommend one for you.

Consider Umbrella Height

umbrella outside patio Generally, umbrellas have heights ranging from 6ft to 7ft (measured from the bottom of the canopy to the ground).  Poggesi’s cantilever model King has the ability to change the height from 7ft all the way up to 11ft. All Poggesi umbrellas are built to adjust in height and withstand strong winds whether used for commercial or residential purposes so you have flexible options when considering Poggesi.

Adjustable Options and Ease of Operation Will Make Your Life Easier

The key features of cantilever umbrellas are rotation and tilt functions. While there are some which are limited and can only be adjusted at an angle of 90 degrees, others can be adjusted up to 360 degrees. Other cantilever umbrellas offer versatility with the tilt function, giving you extra shade. Also, opening and closing of your umbrella should be easy, so that you can easily adjust and tilt your cantilever to suit your needs. There are some cantilever umbrellas which are designed with an easy one lift mechanism that allows the user to open and extend the umbrella in one motion. Others have a simple slider system that adjusts your cantilever to your desired angle or a crank lifting mechanism that allows the user to tilt the umbrella into different positions quickly and easily. Make sure you choose an umbrella with an easy to operate mechanism.

Quality Materials Matter

Another vital thing that you should take into concern before choosing a cantilever is the material quality for both the fabric and structure. Not all umbrella manufacturers are equal when it comes to quality. The canopy should be made from a material with high resistance from the sun’s UV rays or mold and should not fade easily to allow the umbrella retain its fashionable color. The material should also be resistant to wear and tear, easy to clean and maintain. The umbrella also needs to have a sturdy and strong pole structure to withstand all types of weather. If you live in an area with strong winds, you should consider an umbrella that can hold up. Beware of flimsy metal umbrellas with frames which turn inside out. Spend quality time looking at the construction of the umbrella and compare different umbrellas of the same type or better. Poggesi umbrellas as an example, are manufactured by highly skilled engineers and artisans with top quality aluminum, using only the finest materials in the market. This combination produces the highest quality materials while ensuring a long lasting, heavy duty structure that can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions and the wear and tear of everyday use.

Cantilever Umbrella Base

A strong and solid base is vital to prevent the umbrella from falling over. On the lower end, some umbrellas are constructed with a simple cross style base while others have a base filled with water or stand, to offer extra stability. In some cases, you may also want to buy extra weights to keep the base more stable. On the higher-end, you will have larger more sturdy bases made of highly durable materials such as steel, aluminum, concrete blocks, or in some cases installed directly into the ground. At Poggesi we offer a variety of bases that are built to hold your umbrella firm whether it is cement blocks, in-ground installations, and much more.

Don’t Settle When it Comes to Quality.

Never compromise on the quality of the cantilever umbrella you intend to buy. It would be unwise in our opinion to opt for umbrellas made from low-quality materials for a variety of reasons. If you thought that going cheaper will save you money, then know that these umbrellas will cost you more money in the long run in terms of replacement parts or have to buy a new umbrella altogether. That is why it is recommended to thoroughly inspect the quality of the umbrella you are planning to buy and settle only for the best cantilever umbrella that balances both budget and quality. The cost of high-quality cantilever umbrellas can be justified if they are durable and last a long time. Rather than purchasing an umbrella for a few hundred dollars and replacing it every year, you can purchase one quality umbrella that will last you almost 10 years. Also consider, with higher-quality umbrellas, even though the price is higher than your average store umbrella, you will enjoy all the benefits and you can have confidence that your umbrella will last for a very long time. The growing popularity of cantilever umbrellas means you’ll certainly notice them more and more. Their adaptability and distinctive looks make them a perfect choice for anyone who wants a premium shade product with maximum usefulness. However, it is very important to choose the best cantilever umbrella that will allow you to enjoy your time outdoors. View our Poggesi cantilever umbrellas today and give a stylish touch to your backyard!