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Caring for Outdoor Umbrellas in a Coastal Environment

On the Coast, outdoor umbrellas are ideal for sunny days when you want to eat out or lounge around the pool. They give you a shady refuge from the sun and also take a little direct heat off you. You can find them at most restaurant patios and bars as well as golf clubs and coffee shops and especially poolside.  Most umbrellas are engineered to take ultraviolet rays and rain but with many moving parts, they should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure a long life. This will keep your umbrellas looking like new. Follow these easy steps:

Take Care of the Base 

The base is a very important but often neglected part of an umbrella. It gives support to the umbrella in the upright position. Cleaning is a regular part of maintenance, especially in a coastal environment. Sand is abrasive and can wear on the base. There are two types used:

  Concrete Base 

  •  mild soap and water to clean

Metal/cast iron Base 

  • Use mild detergent and water.

Wiping Down The Frame 

This part of the umbrella is fairly protected but can use a regular wipe down with a damp cloth. Dust and debris are most of what you will deal with. The occasional scuff will need a little more scrubbing. Don’t use any harsh chemicals that could take off the finish or paint.

Wash the Fabric 

Here is where most of the mess happens. There is falling debris from trees as well as bird droppings that can make a mess of your umbrella top. Washing off daily is the best way to avoid stains. Use a hose to gently wash away the area and then hit it with a gentle cloth and mild soap and water. Rince again and you should be successful. There are products you can buy to get rid of stubborn stains or use a mixture of bleach and mild soap and water to remove marks. Leave the umbrella open to air dry in a sunny area. When there is excessive wind, your umbrella should never be left unattended. For businesses, when your umbrellas are not being used they should be closed and tied securely. This way the wind can’t beat them up overnight. Whether Cantilever umbrellas or pool umbrellas, you want them to last. With proper care and maintenance, your outdoor umbrella is one summertime accessory that should last you a while.