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Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture for Your Country Club

Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture for Your Country Club
Are you considering investing in outdoor furniture for your country club? Your club’s outdoor spaces are important for your members’ relaxation, so a decision about new furnishing should not be made without taking all the relevant factors into consideration. Yes, the aesthetics of your country club’s patio furniture are important, but there are many other factors you should consider before making your final decision on outdoor furniture.

Consider Your Weather

Project: Voodoo Lounge
Client: Voodoo Lounge
Location: South Beach

Depending on the climate of your area, you may require different materials to ensure the longevity of the seating. The choice of material is largely influenced by the weather your outdoor furniture will be exposed to.  Rattan or wicker patio furniture is timeless and attractive. It holds up well against weather and is lightweight and UV resistant so it will not fade. It is highly durable and can be dressed up beautifully with fabric cushions to tie in with your country club’s color scheme. Wrought iron seating is a popular choice as it is not affected by bad weather conditions. It does, however, require regular maintenance. Rust can form on wrought iron, so a sealant or wax must be applied annually. In areas that are prone to violent storms or wind, this material is a popular choice as its weight prevents it from being blown around. Its weight is a double-sided coin though, because it does make it more difficult to move. If your club is in a very hot area, wrought iron furniture might not be the best choice as it can get very hot to the touch. Aluminum seating is low maintenance, versatile, and affordable. It will not rust so it is great for coastal or humid regions. Aluminum is lightweight so while it is easy to move, it is also easy for a gust of wind to move. Stainless steel is durable and wind-resistant, but must be covered when not in use as it can rust and corrode. Cushions are a must because stainless steel can get very hot. Teak is a durable and beautiful hardwood which holds up well against sun and rain. It requires little maintenance and can easily be restored to its original color with polish. as natural weathering causes it to change color over time. Teak seating will be resistant to rotting, termites and acid damage. This wood is expensive, but can last over a decade if looked after properly.

Measure Your Country Club Patio’s Outdoor Space

When purchasing new patio furniture for your clubhouse, be sure to leave enough space for the furniture and for people to move around between it. Determine where people will enter and where there will be high foot traffic. Allow a minimum of three feet of clearance in areas that will get a lot of foot traffic. You do not want the space to feel cramped.

Determine Where You’ll Place the Furniture

Project: Dior Cafe
Client: Dior
Location: Miami Design District

Get an interior designer to help you to design the spaces of your outdoor area. You will probably want a bar area, a dining area, and a lounging area with a great flow throughout. There are some excellent online tools to help with this too.

Pay Attention to Comfort

Every country club has unique needs with regards to patio seating; different events hosted on the patio will require different types of seating. Dining chairs, bar chairs or stools, or even couches all have a place on that all-important patio.  Comfort is key as you want your members and guests to linger and enjoy the atmosphere. Pillows and cushions in bespoke fabrics will enhance the seating and the experience. Your choice of outdoor seating should match the club’s brand and environment while creating a relaxing outdoor experience for your members. Contact Poggesi USA for the most suitable outdoor furniture for your country club.