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[Guide] Choosing The Best Patio Umbrella for Your Backyard, Garden, Pool, or Deck area

best patio umbrella
Looking for the best patio umbrella for your backyard, garden, pool, or deck area? Do you love relaxing outdoors but hate having to worry about the heat of the sun or the sudden rain? Rain or shine, it doesn’t mean that you can’t delight in that cup of coffee on a lazy sunny afternoon while relaxing in your backyard, without having to worry about the weather ruining your day. In our short but detailed guide below we will help you select the best patio umbrella for your needs to give you just the right amount of shade.

Why Consider a Patio Umbrella in the First Place?

Large Patio Umbrella Luxury Before we dive into what umbrella may be best, let’s discuss why. If you’re already considering adding a patio umbrella for your home you may already have an idea of why it’s important to have one. If not, a patio umbrella is a quick and ingenious way for you to extend your indoor living area to the outdoors. Whether it may be for some enjoyable personal time while reading a book, or to bond with friends and family over small conversations while enjoying casual lunches or dinners, a patio umbrella provides the perfect spot to relax, entertain and dine within the confines of your backyard while getting the maximum protection that you need from harsh weather elements. With a large patio umbrella, you can also cover a wide area of your backyard, garden, or deck area to create a shaded outdoor oasis for you to enjoy during any weather. If you have a pool area, it makes a perfect place to lounge under the shade as well when tanning under the sun gets too hot. Now, let’s talk a bit about choosing the best umbrella for your home.

Location, location, location

In real estate, a common phase when buying a house is location, location, location. The same applies when deciding which patio umbrella to choose. Ask yourself where you will place your umbrella to help determine the right one you will need. Will it be placed next to your pool, or will it need to cover your new patio set? It’s important to know where you place your umbrella to help determine what you will need. If you are choosing an umbrella that will be placed in the center of a patio set it may be best to go with a center post umbrella that will stand firmly in the middle and provide enough shade.
Large Center Post Umbrellas

Center Post Umbrella Covering a Patio Set

If you are planning to place your umbrella offset next to your pool patio furniture or aside from a patio set, it may be best to go with a cantilever umbrella.
Poggesi King Large Commercial Outdoor Umbrella

Cantilever Umbrella

Consider how and where you will place your umbrella to choose the right one for your needs first. This will also affect size, which we will cover next.

Choosing the Right Size, Shape, Colors, and Materials

Patio umbrellas come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. With the wide array of choices that are available in the market, choosing the perfect patio umbrella for your backyard can be quite a confusing task. But along with some guidelines, your ideal outdoor relaxation spot is just within reach. Below we take you to an overview of the perfect patio umbrella for a small backyard, along with some factors to consider when choosing the right one for your home.

Sizing Your Area

Choosing the size of your umbrella is one of the most important decisions. In order to do this, it’s best to measure the square footage of the space you are looking to cover. With a simple measuring tape, you can easily figure this out. The way to calculate a rectangular area is by measuring the length and width of your area then multiplying those two numbers together to get the area in feet squared (ft2).

Square Footage

If your measurements are in different units, say feet and inches, you can first convert those values to feet, then multiply them together to get the square footage of the area. Here is a handy square footage calculator online to make it easy for you. Once you know the square footage of your area, you can then determine what size is needed for your patio umbrella. Most large patio umbrellas can cover a very large space and we always recommend you have more than enough so you cover your area sufficiently from the sun and rain.

Shape Options

Patio umbrellas can come in a variety of shapes. Choosing the right shape for you depends on your needs and style you are considering for your home. Below are the most common umbrella shapes available: square patio umbrellaround patio umbrella Picture above: Rectangular, Square, and Round Are you looking for a modern look for your home? If so, you may consider a square or rectangular shape to have clean lines and edges that go with your decor. If you have a more boho or chic patio setup, you may want to consider a round umbrella instead. Again the style is completely up to your preference as we have seen umbrella various shapes work perfectly for different looks. Choose the best size for you and if you’re not sure, view our gallery for some inspiration.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship.

Umbrella Canvas

The materials that make up a patio umbrella plays an integral role in terms of its durability and lifespan. Since patio umbrellas are constantly exposed to changes in weather, heat, humidity, and moisture, opt for materials which can stand up to harsh outdoor elements. Patio umbrella canopies, or the fabric that covers the frame, need to have UV protection in order to keep you exposed to harmful UV rays. Some common materials used for patio umbrella canopies are polyester, olefin, acrylic and Sunbrella fabric. Poggesi umbrellas, for example, are made up of 100% weather resistant high-quality acrylic canvas from Sunbrella that is lightweight and retains its shape well. Sunbrella fibers are saturated with highly UV stable pigments. Traditional dyeing methods only add color to the fiber exterior. Sunbrella fabrics’ performance characteristics are an integral part of the fabric, not an applied finish that would wash off over time. Sunbrella fabrics are also inherently resistant to the growth of mold and mildew to keep your fabrics looking clean, making it easy to brush off dirt and debris before it gets embedded in the fabric.

Umbrella Structure

Patio umbrella structure, on the other hand, are the supporting structures of the canopy and these need to be sturdy, resilient, and heavy duty. Patio umbrella frames are typically made up of stainless steel, fiberglass, wood, vinyl or PVC. We recommend choosing an umbrella structure that will stand against both weather elements and time. This is why we prefer a frame and structure composed of powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel hardware to ensure it will last for many years of usage. Poggesi umbrellas are manufactured with exquisite craftsmanship from highly skilled engineers and artisans, using only the finest materials in the market. This combination produces a high-quality product while ensuring a long lasting, heavy duty structure that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Go for Stunning Aesthetics and Color.

A patio umbrella also works as a decorative visual element for your backyard by adding beauty and interest to your home’s landscape. When choosing the perfect patio umbrella for your backyard, look for a color and design which blends cohesively with the prevailing architectural style of your home. One of the major benefits of Poggesi umbrellas is that they are highly customizable, flexible and versatile in terms of design. You can easily personalize your own patio umbrella choosing from a variety of colors and options. This allows you to choose from a wide myriad of colors which range from cool neutrals to bright pops of color. Choosing the right color for you will depend on your outdoor decor and overall style you are looking for.

Should be Easy to Use.

Patio umbrellas are temporary outdoor structures which can be easily set up when needed and stowed away when not in use. With that, they typically have mechanisms which allow for ease in terms of use and functionality. Whether it may be a push-up mechanism, pulley system, crank, push up, tilt mechanism or lift mechanism. These features allow the uses to conveniently open and close the canopy with minimal effort required. With accessibility and functionality in mind, Poggesi umbrellas are designed with an easy to use technology that allows the users to open and close the umbrella with a simple touch and push mechanism. In addition to that, all Poggesi umbrellas have passed safety standards and are certified by the TÜV, a European organization which regulates quality. When choosing an umbrella for your patio, make sure setting up your patio umbrella is not only effortless and takes no time, but is also safe.

Choose the Best Patio Umbrella For Your Home

At the end of the day, it’s important to simply choose the best patio umbrella that will provide the right amount of shade and also look great in your home’s garden, patio, or pool area. Whether it’s round, square or rectangular, or you choose between center post or cantilever structures, there are a variety of options to choose from. We recommend checking out your options before deciding and if you do get stuck, consult with an umbrella specialist to make sure you choose one that fits your space, provides the right amount of shade and will add to your homes elegance. We hope this guide was helpful and that you choose an umbrella that gives your home the perfect amount of shade!

Want Help Choosing The Best Patio Umbrella?

Always choose what’s best for your situation, and if you do want some guidance from an umbrella expert, request a call from one of our experts, who will assist you in choosing the best umbrella for your residential shading needs. Learn more about the fine outdoor patio umbrellas.