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3 Fantastic Applications for Outdoor Commercial Umbrellas

Hospitality encompasses many businesses including those which provide lodging, food and drinks, event planning, theme parks and many others. The word hospitality has been defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. For those who provide hospitality, there are three very vital purposes that outdoor commercial umbrellas serve. 1. In order to provide hospitality, a comfortable environment is a must. In comfortably warm weather, people are more likely to go outside, meet other people and engage in a broader range of social activities. Guests and employees alike are always more comfortable in a weather protected environment. Outdoor commercial umbrellas provide shelter from the heat and the sun’s UV rays, which is especially important during the hot summer months. In fact, numerous psychological studies have demonstrated that creating more comfortable temperatures can have a direct relationship with prosocial behavior. 2. Outdoor commercial umbrellas add both beauty and functionality to any outdoor space, expanding the usable area for diners, pool guests, and for simple relaxation or socialization. Providing outdoor seating options can easily increase revenues by thirty percent or more. In addition, outdoor commercial umbrellas may serve as transitional elements between buildings and sidewalks, streets or parking lots, providing protection from harsh weather. 3. When you personalize and imprint your brand on outdoor commercial umbrellas, they can accentuate and make your business logo’s design and style remarkable to passers-by while providing your customers with shelter. Create a comfortable environment where your guests can mingle with food, drinks and a pleasant ambiance while feeling protected from the elements with Poggesi outdoor commercial umbrellas. Poggesi umbrellas are crafted in the mountains of Italy by our engineers and artisans and created to your unique vision and aesthetics. Our finely crafted fabrics are beautiful, unique, and durable. Available in a variety of elegant colors, our high-quality umbrellas look great, withstand tough weather, and are easy to maintain, and our patented umbrella technology makes it easy to open and close your weather-resistant umbrellas with a mere touch and a push. It makes sense to invest in a shade structure that will enhance your hospitality business’s appearance and endure the elements, providing shade and protection for your guests and employees for many years to come. Let us show you why we are the leaders in “The Art of Creating Shade.” For more information about the many options to design and customize your hospitality business’s shade structures, please contact us.