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A Comprehensive Care and Maintenance Guide for Residential Umbrellas

You have certainly done the right thing by investing in quality residential umbrellas. Well-designed pool or patio umbrellas will last for years, provided you follow some simple rules and guidelines regarding their care and maintenance. Poggesi USA offers a quick but thorough guide to keeping your umbrellas in excellent condition.

General rules for storage and operation

Patio umbrellas can withstand mild to moderate windy conditions, but they were not designed to be left open when the weather gets bad. Never leave an open umbrella unattended – when you are not using the umbrella, keep it closed. Use a cover to protect your umbrella when it is not in use. If you expect really severe weather, it is best to remove it from its base and store it indoors – in your shed or garage, for example. If you must keep it outside, make sure it is closed up in its deadlock position, put a cover on it if you have one, and try to find a secluded corner where it can be kept away from the worst of the weather. Always position your umbrellas on flat, even surfaces, as they may not remain upright if you place them on a slope. If your umbrella topples over, it could result in damage to surrounding furniture or even injuries. 

Caring for the fabric

Your umbrellas will collect dirt from time to time. Quality canopies made from awning-grade canvas, like Poggesi’s designs, are easy to keep clean. Every time you open your umbrella, simply brush off loose dirt and rinse with a little water. For more deeply ingrained dirt, use a sponge with a mild soap solution. Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry. Mold and mildew should not be a problem with Poggesi umbrella fabrics. However, they can sometimes grow on spots of dirt and other foreign substances if these are not cleaned off promptly. If you do notice any of these growths on your canopy, you can clean them off with a soap solution that has a small amount of bleach in it. Spray the solution onto the spot with a small spray bottle, and allow it to soak for about 15 minutes. Then use a sponge to work the solution into the fabric on the affected area. After you have removed the spot, clean the entire surface of the canopy to prevent water rings from forming.   Poggesi uses Sunbrella fabric for its umbrellas. This high-quality, awning-grade material is treated with a special water and stain repellent finish formulated to last for many years. It may need replenishing after a while, especially after several thorough cleanings. It is recommended that you use a fabric protector spray that restores the water-resistant qualities of umbrella fabric without altering the color or feel. These are readily available online and from street retailers. Your umbrella supplier can recommend the best product for your umbrella. 

Maintaining the frame and base

The aluminum frame and iron base of your patio umbrellas can be cleaned with water and a non-abrasive cloth. Occasionally, you may want to apply a mild soap solution. You should not need to do this often. The umbrella structure is built to last for many years, and the materials are chosen for their strength and ability to withstand corrosion. As a result, the frame and base will require very little maintenance.  Poggesi USA crafts fine patio and pool umbrellas for commercial and residential use. Contact us for more information on our wide range of residential umbrellas.