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5 Steps to Sourcing High-Quality Commercial Umbrellas

When you are in the market for commercial umbrellas for your business, there are many things to consider. You want to get the right umbrella for the right space and have it last for years. The great thing is there are many options for commercial umbrellas. Working with a company that offers multiple styles is important and you want to be taken care of. Here are 5 steps to sourcing your next commercial umbrellas. What Is It For? While that seems like a silly question, you need to consider where you are going to use it. A commercial umbrella can be placed in different settings and where it is used may dictate what type you need. If you want covering for different areas around your business you will need to consider the various kinds of umbrellas and how they provide shading.
  • Restaurant Umbrellas Covering tables for outdoor dining. These are great for patios and outdoor venues where people need shade from the sun while they are eating. You can have individual umbrellas for each table or larger canopies for the entire space.
  • Patio Umbrellas Providing shade and protection from the elements at your home and business. These work well for covering outdoor display zones at work as well as staff-only areas. At home you can place patio umbrellas anywhere you require shade. They can be easily moved around from patio to grass.
  • Pool Umbrellas Great for resorts and cruise ships. These provide close-by shading around a pool deck after people get out of the water. On deck, it’s nice to have an option to move in and out of the sun so you don’t burn your skin.
  • Hotel Umbrellas These give shelter at various locations around the complex including large gathering areas, pools, and outdoor dining. It’s also the perfect canvas to put your branding on.
What Style and Size Do You What? It’s important to know the areas you need to place your umbrellas. There are center post and cantilever styles to fit most spaces and you can get square, rectangle, or round shapes. Depending on space you may require multiple smaller umbrellas or a single larger one. Don’t be afraid to mix them up in your outdoor areas. Understand Your Options You can add more features to your commercial umbrellas for design and function. Wheels are handy and make them more portable for easy movement around your space. LED lighting is great for extending the use of your patio for diners as well as setting the mood. You should also consider adding mobile spotlighting to enhance different areas. Branding your umbrellas with your logo makes them the perfect portable billboard. Color options are endless as well.  Spend More Money For Quality Put together a realistic budget. You want your umbrellas to last for years so it’s worth spending money on high-quality brands. Ask questions about parts and maintenance when shopping around. A good company will explain everything to you so you can make an informed decision. You do get what you pay for so make sure to find the right umbrellas for your space. Find a Reputable Manufacturer  You need to find a manufacturer that sources high-quality commercial umbrellas. These will hold up in harsh weather and last a long time. You also want a company that has lots of options with size, style, and color, as well as having the capabilities of custom branding. Poggesi offers a wide variety of custom umbrellas for residential and commercial use. We can provide you great design and function for your outdoor patio needs for all business applications. Our high-quality, commercial umbrellas are exactly what you need. Call us today for more information.