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5 Signs You’re Buying High-Quality Hotel Umbrellas

One of the most important parts of providing a good patio or poolside experience for your hotel guests is having dependable, high-quality hotel umbrellas. That bit of shade is very important to make your outdoor entertainment or dining area comfortable. When choosing from the many options on the market, how do you know that you are purchasing the best-quality outdoor umbrellas you can find? Here are five signs to look out for as you compare the many models on offer.

1. A sturdy base

Let’s begin at the bottom. No matter what design you choose, a sturdy base that will provide stability and balance is essential. Freestanding umbrellas will require heavier and more stable bases than table umbrellas, as they don’t have the additional support of the table. Keep in mind your preferences in this regard as you examine the bases of the umbrellas you intend to buy.

2. A strong frame

Just as the base holds your patio or pool umbrella upright and steady, the frame should be able to keep the canopy still, even if there is a strong wind. You should always close your umbrellas in rough weather, but it doesn’t hurt to buy an umbrella that could withstand strong winds if necessary. Aluminum is the best material for withstanding winds and storms and whatever else may come at your umbrella. This metal also resists corrosion and will look good for years to come.

3. A well-engineered opening and closing system

For the large umbrellas that you will need on your patios, you should look for a well-designed, mechanized opening system that is easy to operate and holds firm when open. If the mechanism comes ready for electrical operation and the addition of sidewalls, then you are dealing with a really high-quality product.

4. High-quality fabric

Check the fabric closely: it should be tough and fade-resistant. Ask your supplier what dyeing process was used on the fabric. Some processes are better than others for ensuring that the fabric holds its color over time. Stock dyeing methods are the best because the fibers are dyed before they are woven into the final fabric you are being offered. The color is deeply ingrained and does not fade easily. The material should also be easy to clean. Umbrellas will get dirty, but it should not take much more than a quick wipe-down with mildly soapy water to get rid of the dirt. Poggesi umbrellas are made with 100% acrylic weather-resistant awning grade canvas.

5. Customization options

If you want to invest in good, high-quality umbrellas, you should have the option to modify them according to your specific needs. Rather than buying from a supplier that offers only stock standard designs, look for one that will offer you the option to customize your umbrellas, working with expert designers and the finest materials. Poggesi’s designers will happily work with you to create the umbrellas you have in mind. For the finest quality hotel umbrellas handcrafted in the time-honored Italian tradition, contact Poggesi today.