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5 Fantastic Uses for Commercial Umbrellas to Explore in 2020!

With the passing of the holidays and the start of the New Year, you may be considering new ways you can build brand recognition, increase your business, reduce your risks, expand your guest satisfaction, or provide better service. Commercial umbrellas may offer unexpected benefits to help you achieve your business goals.

Here are five fresh applications you may want to consider for the new year.

  1. Build recognition of your brand – Architecturally, a shade structure may extend a transitional element between the building where you have your business and the sidewalk, street or parking lot. However, shade structures that are branded with your remarkable design and style not only make locating your business easier for those who are looking for it, but attract the attention of passers-by. The color and design become easily associated and recognizable as both your building and your brand.
  2. Increase revenues through expansion of seating areas – Adding commercial umbrellas can increase your restaurant’s usable space and your revenues. Not only can outdoor seating attract more customers, but a shade structure can greatly increase availability for customer seating making highly-usable outdoor options for patio, balcony, deck, and rooftop areas, often year-round in more temperate climates. In fact, recent studies indicate that providing outdoor seating options can easily increase revenues by thirty percent or more. Commercial umbrellas can create a comfortable environment where people can mingle with food, drinks and a pleasant ambiance while feeling protected from the elements.
  3. Reduce the risks – Venture a low risk business opportunity or provide additional revenue streams by offering your wares or services at an outdoor market. Sunny warm days can encourage buyers to head outdoors, but remember the sun can be punishing and UV rays can be damaging for vendors, customers and merchandise alike. By providing shade protection, and shelter on rainy days, customers will be glad to step out of the weather, browse your products and get to know you.
  4. Create a remarkable guest experience – Hotel, country club, or condominium pool areas require great design details, plenty of comfortable seating, and shaded protection from the sun’s intense ultraviolet rays to become the perfect retreat for guests of all ages to have fun with family and friends or to simply relax and unwind. Commercial umbrellas allow a larger area to be shaded, can be placed at the edge of the pool for shade for those in the water, and are typically the perfect swimming pool shade. Commercial grade umbrellas that can be opened or closed as needed, tilted or rotated 360 degrees, and raised or lowered to provide the most shade versatility, all without moving the umbrella base can provide many guest benefits, such as relief from the wind, sun, sudden rain, and noise.
  5. Offer superior services at daycares, preschools, water parks, or playground areas by offering adequate shade protection for children from excessive UV rays. Playgrounds can get extremely hot and even dangerous, and touching hot surfaces that have been baking in the hot sun can burn skin. High-quality commercial umbrellas typically keep an area about twenty degrees cooler. Shading the equipment can not only help protect children from injury, but can also help protect equipment from the deteriorating effects of intense sun and wet weather.
This new year, make your business widely recognizable, attract more customers, reduce costs, generate expanded revenues, and provide an exceptional outdoor experience in nearly any weather. Poggesi commercial umbrellas offer finely crafted fabrics that are beautiful, unique, and durable. Available in a variety of elegant colors, our high-quality TÜV certified umbrellas look great, withstand tough weather, are easy to maintain, and our patented umbrella technology makes it easy to open and close your weather-resistant umbrellas with a mere touch and a push. It makes sense to invest in a shade structure that will enhance the appearance of your business, endure the elements, and provide shade and protection for your guests for many years to come. Let us show you why we are the leaders in “The Art of Creating Shade.” For more information about the many options to design and customize your shade structures, please visit