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4 Ways to Know if an Outdoor Umbrella Is Commercial Quality

4 Ways to know if an outdoor umbrella is commercial quality
There are outdoor umbrellas – and then there are high-end outdoor umbrellas of commercial quality. Not many people realize this when they first start shopping for commercial umbrellas, but it is important to remember that there is a vast difference between the ones you might buy at your nearest big-box retailer and the custom-designed ones you would get from a specialist like Poggesi. However, this difference is not immediately obvious to the untrained eye. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you identify fine, commercial-quality umbrellas when you see them.

Frame construction

Start by inspecting the frame. Commercial quality umbrellas should have steel or aluminum frames. Some people opt for wood, which isn’t necessarily a bad choice, but it is nowhere near as durable as steel or aluminum ranging in thickness from 0.2cm to 0.3cm. If you see any cheaper metal or plastic, steer clear. Strength and durability are not the only qualities you look for in an umbrella. You also want them to look good on your patio or seating area, so look for quality powder coating that gives them that refined appearance. Pay close attention to the construction of the frame, looking for quality components and fastenings, such as marine-grade bolts and hardware. Frame construction

Pole diameter and base design

For commercial applications, you should never take any chances when it comes to bases. Even the best umbrella will blow over in a strong wind if the base is not sufficient. There are a variety of bases available. If your umbrellas are going to be used frequently and for long periods, then you need a good sturdy base – preferably bolt-down or in-ground anchors. These will keep your umbrellas secured and anchored, even in strong gusts of wind.

Wind ratings

Commercial umbrellas must be able to withstand bad weather. All umbrellas should be completely wind-rated when they are closed, but only commercial-grade umbrellas are highly wind-rated when open. High-end commercial umbrellas will be rated for up to 100 miles per hour, meaning the open umbrella can withstand winds of that speed. Commercial umbrellas must be able to withstand bad weather

Canopy fabric

Most non-commercial umbrellas have canopies that are made from polyester, which fades in the sun after a relatively short period. On the other hand, commercial umbrellas are made of acrylic or PVC, which offer better protection and last much longer. The fabric should also be solution-dyed, as this makes the fabric last longer while retaining its color. Poggesi has been a leader in the shading industry since 1964. Our umbrellas are crafted in Italy by engineers and designers who are well trained in the proud Poggesi tradition. Choose from our standard collection, or let us custom-make your umbrellas. Contact us Poggesi USA for more information on our commercial-quality umbrellas.