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4 benefits of outdoor shading options for your café

4 benefits of outdoor shading options for your café
Cafes with outdoor seating and shading, also known as Al Fresco dining, are highly popular among patrons across the globe. These outdoor umbrellas provide protection from harsh weather conditions as well as harmful UV radiation while enhancing the look and feel of the overall ambiance. Poggesi outlines some of the benefits of having outdoor shading options at cafes.

Weather protection for your valued customers

The purpose of commercial outdoor umbrellas is much more than the design and aesthetic. These outdoor umbrellas such as cantilever umbrellas provide patrons with effective weather protection from the elements of nature.  Poggesi’s commercial umbrellas are manufactured from Sunbrella® fabrics that offer up to 98% UV protection as well. Customers who are able to sit outdoors during a sunny day with the protection of an outdoor umbrella will stay longer thereby, increasing the bottom line of the cafe too. Your patrons will also return to your establishment, knowing they will be taken care of. Moreover, they know their electronic devices, such as phones and laptops, will be protected from getting drenched or overheating thanks to the outdoor umbrellas.

Attracts new customers

Attracts new customers Have you ever walked across a street and noticed a quaint cafe because of its aesthetic? Word travels fast when it comes to popular cafes and eateries. When potential customers pass by a café with comfortable outdoor seating with umbrellas for shade and protection, they are more likely to come inside. Thus, adding outdoor shading is a wonderful way to attract patrons to offer them a wonderful outdoor ambiance to socialize and relax. Having a large commercial umbrella at your café provides a welcoming and enticing atmosphere for customers. Beautiful cafes with outdoor seating and umbrellas can also be the preferred venues for birthday parties and other celebrations thereby, attracting more potential customers who feel like they are being looked after.

Increases usable space

With more customers coming into your café, you also need to accommodate them with comfortable seating. If you are looking to increase usable outdoor space at your café, commercial outdoor shading can be the way to go. Having shaded outdoor space will lead to greater foot traffic at your establishment thereby, increasing your bottom line too. Reports suggest that having outdoor seating options can increase an establishment’s revenue by 30%! Having outdoor shading also gives you the freedom to use the space any time of the year, come rain or shine. Thus, you can tell your patrons that your doors are truly always open.

Branding that helps you stand out

Branding that helps you stand out What color comes to your mind when you think of Coca-Cola? Red, of course! It is no surprise but branding makes a big impression! Apart from protection and the look, commercial umbrellas are an excellent avenue for branding and increasing brand recognition. If you have outdoor umbrellas branded with your café’s logo or sign, potential customers are able to locate your establishment easier as well as attract people passing by. While dining and “wine-ing”, customers tend to capture these memories through selfies and pictures. Having your branded umbrellas in these pictures, especially on social media, can provide your café with an additional avenue for marketing and advertising. For more information on outdoor shading options for cafes and how they can be used effectively for marketing, contact Poggesi today!