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25 Inspirational Outdoor Patio Ideas for the Summer

Outdoor Patio Umbrella
With all the warm weather settling in, you’re probably feeling inspired to give your patio a little pizazz! Get your place ready for spring and summer with our top 25 ideas sure to amp up your outdoor space.

25. DIY Backyard Bar

Outdoor inspiration

Source: Roomaniac

This is a great way to add some extra dining space to your patio. Use wood and cinder blocks to design a U-shape or any layout you choose. If you host large parties and barbecues regularly, then you might add an additional U and complete the square, leaving an entrance opening for guests who may sit along the inside. Pull up some chairs, sip some cocktails, and prepare for your grilled delights!

24. Your Own Starry Night

Source: Pinterest

This DIY starry night can be yours in a flash (or shimmer)! Whether your patio is large or small, these lights make everything magical. Try string, globe, or rope lights. You can even use white holiday strands. Light candles, lanterns, battery operated votives, and other paper or plastic hanging decor. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy some “me” time or a fun chat with friends.

23. Antiques Made New

Source: Onechitecture

Head to your local antique shop or thrift store, and look for old canisters, jugs, and crates. Like the photo above, attempt to find some different sized containers. Those varying heights look magnificent on a patio. Plant fresh herbs, blooming flowers, or greenery within. Drill holes in the bottoms for drainage, and place these on patio floors, tables, and even on individual stairs.

22. Have a Seat (Or a Picnic)

Source: Roomaniac

Need a tiny patio idea, or simply something that’s just amazing? Pull this backyard magic trick! Use this design for adorable benches or for a picnic table. It’s a space-saver for sure, and it’s perfect for Sunday visits as well as Friday night porch dinners.

21. New Coordinating Colors

Source: Love the Day

Sometimes, your outdoor patio is in need of a facelift. Take a look at your surrounding plants, and purchase pillows and accents to match. If you’ll be planting red geraniums, peach roses, and orange and yellow pansies, try some fiery hues for your cushions. You might pick solids or patterns that reflect your palette, no matter the color(s)!

20. Let There Be Lattice

Source: AMZHouse

A backyard patio lattice wall can serve double duty. It’s usually a fairly quick project, and it provides both privacy and a canvas of sorts. You can add lights (pictured above) or cultivate some climbing plants. This is a great divider if your neighbors are close by and you host many cocktail hours and small dinners.

19. Swing-A-Longs

Source: Wartaku

Just because we’re grown doesn’t mean we don’t love to swing along as we sip tea or martinis on the outdoor patio. If you have a pergola or patio beam sturdy enough to support a couple of swings, these are quite unique and charming. They remind us of our childhood summers, but they also make great quiet places for morning cups of coffee and meditation.

18. A Trickling Treat

Source: GooDSGN

Your patio may look and feel relaxing, but does it sound relaxing yet? You might enjoy a large fountain with more of a crashing sensation or a couple of small pools that swirl and spill, as pictured above. Fish ponds and outdoor aquariums might be an option for you as well. All of these waterworks are also lovely when placed among plants and rocks, emulating a natural babbling brook or stream.

17. Fireside Fun

Source: 88HomeDecor

An outdoor patio fireplace is quite a grand installment, but it’s a feature you will never regret. It will provide a cozy, warm ambiance for your family and friends. It looks great, especially if you have a large, traditionally styled space. It’s like you’re bringing the comforts and delights of the indoors right outside into the open air.

16. Firepit Option

Source: Popy Home

If number 17 won’t work for your space or budget, a firepit is another wonderful option. You’ll still get that warm and cozy ambiance. You can roast marshmallows and chat with friends. Raise those copper mugs up high, make a toast to good health, and relax by those flickering flames, stretching up into the dusky air.

15. Happily Ever After in a Hammock

Source: Decoratio

Who says a hammock has to hang between two trees? We certainly don’t. Find yourself a hammock stand and stretch out right on your outdoor patio! You won’t have to hunt down two strong and sturdy trees that grow the perfect length apart. Your patio hammock will always be waiting for you. You can snooze, read a book, or curl up with your favorite pet and/or special someone.

14. Pull Everything Together

Source: Domino

Tie your patio together with a large rug. This will make your space look contained and feel cozy. It’ll be a like a little outdoor room. Be sure you purchase an outdoor rug. Add a few large bohemian cushions for optional seating as well.

13. Game Time

Source: DecoRedo

Include games for the young and old when setting up your patio. More than likely, this space will be used for family gathering and friendly parties. Games like tic-tac-toe and checkers are terrific for nearly all ages. Your game table could be multipurpose with room for those two games and cards as well.

12. Curtain Call

Source: Kelley Nan

Curtains are a fantastic way to get a little privacy, protect yourself from the afternoon sun and heat, and even add a little flair to your outdoor space. Sheer white curtains are a great choice. They’re reflective of clouds and make us feel as if we’re lost in a summer dream. They can be romantic or fancy and free, blowing in the breeze. They remind us to keep our conversations light and cheery, our whispers close and sweet.

11. Just Hanging Around

Source: Little Things

Hanging baskets make the perfect decoration for covered or uncovered outdoor patios. As flowering plants and greenery fill and overflow the containers, the dripping flora makes us cheerful. As the tender sunset light falls across the blooms, those warm, rich colors are like small, frozen fireworks. It’s so wonderful to have some of nature’s most beautiful living things right there in front of us in cute, floating baskets.

10. Candle Holders

Source: Frugal Coupon Living

These terracotta cuties make charming candle holders and centerpieces for your patio. You can include them on a picnic table or all around the space, atop your multiple tables. Plant small flowers so that the candle isn’t taken over. You can leave the pots their original color, or you might decide to paint them. You could even let your kids join the fun with finger paints or colorful handprints.

9. Have a Seat (And a Drink)

Source: Remodel Quick Tips

Have an old broken chair out in the shed? Repurpose it, and use it for a cooler. These little DIY projects make for a fun-filled Saturday. You could paint the chair to match your decor, or leave it old and aged for the rustic look. Search for a galvanized tin, but if you can’t find one at home, head to your local hardware store. They’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Spend the evening stocking your new cooler and enjoying your adorable creation. This will be a conversation piece at your next get-together.

8. Cheers for More Candles

Source: GooDSGN

Okay, okay, okay… So we love candles. What’s wrong with that? This is a great way to incorporate some romantic or festive candlelight to your container gardens. As those graduation parties and wedding rehearsal dinners approach, think about this as a final touch on decorating. So clever and lovely!

7. Step into My World

Source: Trendecor

If you have to walk along the grass to get to your outdoor patio or to any other destinations in your yard, consider building a pathway with stepping stones. These actually guide your guest throughout your space. It opens your outdoor area up for wandering and chatting. Somehow, stepping stones make the yard and patio feel more intimate and magical, like you’re embarking on a small journey through a secret garden.

6. Hello, Hottie!

Source: The Wow Decor

It’s been on your wish list for a while now, right? Maybe this is the year that you finally take those tax dollars and purchase a hot tub for your outdoor patio. Spend this summer entertaining your closest pals. You all have some long work weeks ahead. Unwinding with weekend cocktails and a relaxing dip in your new tub is just what the doctor ordered.

5. That’s For the Birds…

Source: Duncraft

If you love birdwatching, you might pick up a few seed dishes and hummingbird feeders from the local hardware store. These are usually colorful, and naturally, the birds add quite a bit of color and entertainment to your patio area as well. Be prepared: they can leave a mess at times. We recommend hanging your feeders away from patio furniture.

4. Doors to Possibility

Source: Beauty Harmony Life

Old doors can be found at just about any thrift store or antique shop around town. They make great patio backdrops, perfect photo opps, and even a stand-alone entrance to your outdoor patio. If you can get your hands on some of these, there are a number of unique ways to incorporate them into your patio design.

3. Signs Say It All

Source: Turkrazzi

A sign that welcomes your guests to your patio is always a nice touch. You can find these online or make them yourself. Lots of creative patio messages appear all over the Internet, so do a quick search and settle on the perfect little saying for you. You might even come up with a welcome message on your own.

2. From Trash to Treasure

Source: Bick-Lane Creations

We’ve all got to have a trash can on the patio, so it might as well be cute! Paint the can a favorite color and then use stencils or your own artistic talent to place a patio appropriate design on it. You can do this for a recycling container as well.

1. Throwing Shade (In a Good Way)

Outdoor patio umbrellas We’ve, of course, saved the best for last. A patio umbrella not only defines the space but also provides shelter from the hot sun and even the rain. You’ll enjoy a cooler outdoor experience as well! There’s just something so relaxing about kicking back underneath a gorgeous umbrella. It reminds us of vacation, perhaps, even when we’re right at home. When your outdoor umbrella from Poggesi arrives, you can have it set up that very day and be well on your way to enjoying your time in the shade. Contact us for a quote on an umbrella for your home or view our collections.