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10 Simple Ideas to Give Your Backyard a Complete Makeover This Weekend

Backyard Makeover
What are you up to this weekend? Here’s a few quick DIY tips that can turn any garden into your own personal outdoor oasis to try this weekend. All you need is a little bit of patience and a free afternoon.

1. Add some evergreens

DIY Garden Evergreens

Source: Pinegard

Evergreens are great simply because… they are always green! These plants are suitable for all seasons and they will make your yard look fresh and enticing. Evergreens are known for providing continuity and they can even give a sense of structure to your yard during the winter. 

Simply adding planters with evergreens in front of your deck is a great way to give your patio area a whole new look and feel.

2. Add and arrange flower beds for a special touch

DIY Outdoor Garden Flowerbeds

Source: Woohomes

Adding flower beds to your outdoor garden is an excellent way to enhance the overall look. If you love decorating with flowers, consider placing the tallest ones in the background and the smallest one in front. Just like when your teacher put the tallest kids in the back and the shortest ones in front for group classroom picture! By doing so, all your flowers will be visible and they will noticeably add to the aesthetics of your yard.

3. Add a Water Fountain

DIY garden Water fountain

Source: BHG

A simple addition such as small water fountains are not only budget-friendly, but relatively easy to install on your own. They look great, provide a therapeutic soundtrack and complement any landscaping design.

You can pick up a fountain at your local store or simply make your own.

4. Prune your trees

Prune Trees

Source: Organic Authority

This one is an oldie but goldie. Hanging tree branches look rather unappealing from a visual standpoint, not to mention that they can restrict your visibility when you look out of the window. Find those 30 minutes this weekend to prune your trees and you’ll surely feel proud of yourself afterward.

5. Clean your deck

Outdoor deck cleaning

Source: Improvements Catalog

You may have to tap into your willpower for this one, but it will be worth it (or if you don’t feel like cleaning it yourself, you can always pay your kids or a neighbor’s kid to do it for you.)

Either way, cleaning your deck both above and below will help improve the look of your outdoor oasis.

Debris accumulates easily and it usually consists of dead leaves, small branches, dry grass, etc.  This debris doesn’t only look bad, but it can also put your house to a higher fire risk so might as well get rid of it make your garden look a whole lot better and keep you safe.

6. Decorate with accent lights

Source: Home Klondike

Adding some accent lights around your garden area can really give it a romantic oasis feel, especially at night. Accent lights can be purchased online or at your local store and set up quickly. You may want to get lights powered by batteries or solar powered so they can be placed virtually anywhere in your yard.

7. Add a fire pit

Garden Fire Pit

Source: onekindesign

In a similar fashion, you can also think of adding a fire pit in your patio, especially if you love those romantic evenings. Some fire pits can be installed without requiring professional assistance and they also add big points to your property’s outdoor image.

8. Use recycled bricks for garden edging

Source: DIYnot

Green plants, water, light, fire, and now stone. Use this combination to create a stunning landscaping design in your yard. A brick border can be used for decorative purposes, to accent certain areas in your yard and as a bonus, even prevent weeds from getting inside your garden. It is very easy to install and can give your yard a beautiful accented appearance.

9. Oversized Plants

Source: Houzz

Adding large and oversized plants to any garden or patio can give your area a beautiful look. It’s ideal to choose plants that are drought-resistant and survive most weather conditions. Such plants can easily handle long, arid summers and remain green and beautiful when other plants struggle. Add a few large drought-resistant plants in your yard and you are golden!

10. Large Outdoor Umbrellas

Outdoor Umbrellas Our post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the importance of adding outdoor umbrellas. We are a bit biased of course, but adding large umbrellas to any patio or garden area can enhance any space while providing the practical functionality of outdoor shade. Once your umbrella arrives you can have it set up and ready to use the same day. For more outdoor tips and ideas like these, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!