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10 Reasons to Buy a Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella

One Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella
Are you looking to add a cantilever outdoor umbrella to your home or business? Imagine relaxing on your patio under your new umbrella during a hot day sipping your favorite cool beverage. As the sun starts to move across the sky you find yourself back in the blistering heat. To move out of the sun, you have to change your seat around to the other side or if you have an umbrella in the center of your table you need to move the entire table around. What a hassle. This is where cantilever umbrellas come in. Also known as offset patio umbrellas, with cantilever umbrellas, you can simply adjust the position of the umbrella anywhere you’d like in seconds to block the sun. Now that’s more like it! There are a lot more benefits that an offset cantilever patio umbrella can provide. Let us cover a few more and see if a cantilever umbrella is truly your match made in heaven…

1. Convenient Setup

King Cantilever Offset Umbrella With a cantilever umbrella, it is much easier to get everything set up. Since you’re not reliant on choosing a particular piece of furniture or placing the umbrella in a certain spot, you can get setup faster. Simply set up your patio furniture and place your umbrella off to the side. Easy as that.

2. 360 Degree Coverage

Cantilever umbrellas With a tiltable and rotatable cantilever umbrella, you can adjust its position 360 degrees to easily keep that pesky sunlight off of you. In other words, you can tilt the angle of your umbrella as the sun moves. With a larger cantilever patio umbrella that has a tilting feature, you can block the sun all day, and provide more shade for your outdoor settings than a traditional center-based table umbrella. This makes it ideal versus a center based umbrella because you can have optimal coverage and shade at all times of the day from both the sun and rain. Especially with heavy rains that may pour down at different angles and directions.

3. No Drilling or Tables with Holes Required.

large patio cantilever outdoor umbrellas With an offset cantilever umbrella, you won’t have to drill a hole in your table. You also won’t have to buy a table with a hole already built in. You can use any table you want, and simply place the umbrella over it! This will make your life a lot easier since you can choose any table you like when shopping for furniture or use what you already own.

4. Flexible Furniture Placement

Luxury Cantilever Umbrella Since we’re on the topic of furniture, by having a cantilever umbrella you also have more flexibility in the placement of your outdoor decor, rather than being obligated to stick with certain tables or chairs that go around a traditional center umbrella. Instead, you can have more patio furniture options and place your umbrella anywhere you’d like. This gives you many options and choices when doing your patio shopping or if you have furniture already that you want to use. You can easily change the arrangement of your furniture if you get bored with the look. If you have a business and decide to change the layout of your patio this will be easy as well.

5. Easy to Store

Poggesi Patio Umbrellas Closed Cantilever umbrellas are also easier to store away since they are not stuck to a particular piece of furniture. You can simply close your umbrella and move it off to the side somewhere when not in use. Unlike traditional table umbrellas where you have to move the entire table with it, offset umbrellas can easily be closed and stored off to the side when not being used.

6. Easy to Operate

Large Cantilever Umbrellas By choosing the right cantilever umbrella it should also be very easy to operate. Particularly with Poggesi cantilever umbrellas, it takes only a touch and a push to adjust the umbrella for the perfect angle and setting. You can easily control your umbrella with a handle crank that allows for multiple functions including 360° rotation, tilt and height adjustment of the canopy.

7. Pool Coverage

Cantilever Umbrellas Pool Have a pool that needs to be covered? A cantilever umbrella will definitely help! Having a cantilever offset umbrella in a pool area offers you a huge level of versatility, allowing you to bring shade to the pool or the lounge chair –maintaining the position of the umbrella base. When not using the umbrella to cover the pool area, you can easily rotate it back over your lounge chairs when you’re tired of sunbathing or for extra rain coverage.

8. Various Size and Shape Options

Large Cantilever Outdoor Umbrellas While size and shape are not particular to only cantilever umbrellas, you do have various size and shape options available to you. You can match your cantilever umbrella to your outdoor decor and give your home the best look possible. Sizes range from small (think a covering a small patio table) to very large (covering multiple tables and chairs). Always consider how much coverage you need and whether you will need a single umbrella or multiple to provide the right amount of shade.

9. Plenty of Space

Poggesi Cantilever Umbrellas Outdoor With a cantilever umbrella, there is no pole underneath in the center so there is a lot more room to place furniture underneath. Unlike a centered umbrella where you are limited to just space under the edges of the umbrella, you can place a lot more furniture below it and even rearrange that furniture as needed.

10. Perfect for Any Season

Large King Cantilever Umbrella Offset cantilever umbrellas are perfect for multiple weather conditions and seasons. Whether it is hot, raining, windy, or even snowing having a cantilever umbrella can keep you covered from natures elements during every season. With Poggesi umbrellas, in particular, the huge canopy, crafted from high-performance Sunbrella material, will keep everyone cool even on the hottest summer days, and dry on those rainy days. Not using your umbrella? No problem! When you are not using your umbrella they can easily be closed until you are ready to use it again.

Have questions? Still not sure if a cantilever outdoor umbrella is for you? We can help!

If you’re considering a cantilever umbrella and have questions, feel free to contact us for more information and to get all of your questions answered.