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10 Creative Uses of Custom Commercial Umbrellas

Outdoor logo umbrella
When it comes to branding your business, the key is to place your brand logo and colors on nearly everything and anything you can. Chances are you already have your logo on hats, shirts, pens, mugs, and other common promotional items, but have you ever considered an umbrella? Not just any umbrella either, but a large outdoor umbrella that commands attention while providing some shade. Below are a 10 creative ways businesses used umbrellas to showcase their brand and enhance their marketing efforts.

1. Yachting & Shade

Poggesi USA Princess Yacht Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2017Princess Yachts used large branded umbrellas to create an outdoor seating area for its consultants and interested yacht prospects to sit down and discuss all things yachting. With a beautiful custom branded white umbrella canopy and the princess logo, it was the perfect compliment to large princess yacht nearby.

2. Outdoor Summer Expressions

custom restaurant umbrellas For many restaurant owners, you already know it’s important to capture the attention of people walking by your restaurant. Yuca Miami executed this well with two large custom branded cantilever umbrellas. With their logos over a beige canopy, they were able to match their outdoor seating area to provide both the functionality of shade and the power of branding for local patrons to know exactly what they offer — delicious Cuban-American cuisine.

3. Delicious Advertising

Large custom umbrellas nespresso Imagine walking through your local shopping center and your little one tugs on your shirt to let you know they are hot and in need of something refreshing. From afar you spot a giant umbrella with the words Nespresso and immediately get a craving for a nice refreshing cold ice cream treat. This is exactly what Nespresso has accomplished with a large custom branded umbrella taking center in this shopping plaza ready to attract potential customers.

4. Lounging & Luxury

Outdoor umbrella seating area Who says you need an indoor building for fine dining and lounging? Crabster Hookah Lounge used 8 large umbrellas to turn a simple sidewalk into a 180 person seating area. With this large area covered by their custom branded umbrellas, they are able to attract new customers to lounge, enjoy delicious food, or smoke hookah under the Miami sky.

5. Stand Out from the Crowd

We love this set up from The Grape in Tampa, who used their brand colors to really stand out and grab your attention. While they didn’t use a logo on the umbrella, they customized their umbrella with their brand colors to match their chairs and signage. This is a great example of creativity with your outdoor space and using your brand colors to create consistency.

6. Taco Tuesday Anyone?

Restaurant Custom Umbrella If you love Taco Tuesday, you’ll really love this creative set up from Coyo Taco. Using their brand blue and white colors they created a custom logo umbrella that matches their outdoor tables, signage, and even the cool wall art. Overall, this set up shows how unifying your outdoor area can really amplify your branding.

7. Art Deco Lounge

This luxury art deco set up from Kuinart shows another great use of how umbrellas can be used to accentuate your brand. They used large custom grey cantilever umbrellas to provide a seating and lounge area for local Art Basel guests to sip drinks and enjoy art-inspired conversations.

8. Green is the New Pink

Pinkberry turned this ordinary sidewalk into an outdoor seating area with sleek modern cantilever umbrellas sporting their brand colors. This is a great example of making the most of your leased space to extend your branding outdoors in a useful and practical way.

9. A French Delicacy

Outdoor logo umbrella Paul, the French chain of bakery/café restaurants, took a few large umbrellas and turned them into and branded outdoor dining experience. By using their signature black color and logo they were able to customize their cafe umbrellas to match their signage from the chairs to the overhanging umbrellas. This is a great example of brand consistency through and through.

10. Boat Shows and Seating

San Lorenzo Yachts deployed Poggesi umbrellas to create a client seating area unlike any other for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. In this beautiful example of creative outdoor design, they were able to use their custom branded umbrellas to achieve making a space for potential boat buyers to discuss all things yachting. Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on how to think outside the box and use custom umbrellas to promote your business. Interested in deploying your own custom project? Contact us today or design your own custom umbrella, and a shade expert will gladly assist you.